Winter Makeup Trends 2021: Nail the Look with Ere Perez

Does anyone remember the under-eye baking trend from a few years ago? What about the ‘00s frosted eyeshadow and lipstick? Or the ‘60s Twiggy lashes? Makeup fads change all the time, but a classic, polished, and perfect canvas will never go out of style.

Going into winter, it’s time to ditch the heavy powders and cakey foundation. A lighter, dewier finish is the way to go. As our skin dries out during winter, trans-epidermal water loss increases, leaving our skin looking dull and parched. Glowy products artificially rectify this, making our skin look healthy and supple. Ditching or minimising the powder also prevents build up in any fine lines. By reflecting light, glowy products make lines appear shallower…

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