So, who is Infirm Of Purpose?

I'm Matt! A skincare aficionado from Brisbane, Australia. I've been present in the beauty/fashion industry for over seven years. Primarily I have worked behind the scenes in magazines, copywriting, talent management, and blogging. In later years I have shifted my focus from fashion and beauty, to just beauty.

I don't have a qualification in skincare, so any opinions you see here are just that. Opinion. I'm not here to provide you with medical advice. I am here to tell you which cleansers feel amazing. Which moisturisers you could possibly use for dry skin. What an essence is. All the information that allows you to make educated purchases.

I don't like problematic marketing or greenwashing. I don't discuss things being "non-toxic". I will always encourage you to prioritise SPF above all else. I'll always disclose partnerships and affiliates (It's the law duh). There might be a side of sassy humour. Because it makes life more fun.

So welcome, I hope you enjoy the content. Please feel free to reach out via the contact page, or over on Instagram if you have any questions or comments.

Matt x

My Skin

I have dry skin, which can get dehydrated quite easily. I don't have any major concerns outside of fine lines. My philosophy is to amp up on hydration and nourishment. My skin can get sensitised with a pile of essential oils or with excessive exfoliation. As a result, any routines you see here are especially suited to my skin. I make no claims that it will work for you, or that you need to emulate it. Listen to your skin.

Everything I discuss is based upon trying it on my own skin. I don't claim that it will work for your skin, only that it might. If you choose to purchase based on the reviews here, you do so at your own risk. None of the discussions here are providing dermatological advice, and I will always advise that you seek medical advice if you believe you have an issue.