Transforming My Skin with Body Oil

I am, rather ashamedly, not the most consistent at keeping up bodycare (I mean obviously outside of washing it duh). But I’m trying to be better! I’m trying to be a boy who has it all together in the bodycare department. Plus over the years I’ve definitely notice my body starting to get dryer as I age.

Now, this definitely has something to do with genetics; both my parents have chronically dry skin; plus my dad and aunt have psoriasis. All of which I have rudely inherited.

My current cream and oil of choice!

It all boils down to me wanting to pre-emptively take care of my skin so that I can avoid or minimise these potential future issues. Now, my psoriasis is usually triggered by stress and I used a medicated prescription product to treat it. I am in no way saying that a body cream or body oil will assist or cure a medical condition like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, ichthyosis, etc.

Now, moving on to the oil.

I have historically shied away from body oil because, having body hair, I always just assumed it would be too sticky and greasy on my skin. It wouldn’t sink in. It would just cling to my hair and I’d slide through life like a particularly uncoordinated penguin.

How wrong I was!

It has, completely and utterly transformed my skin. My skin retains moisture better, I no longer get itchy with dryness, my skin is consistently smoother and softer, my spf soaks in more effectively, my body cream works more efficaciously. Holy hell the list goes on! Now, as with any body care treatment, the tips I’m about to give are most effective with consistency. I oil every evening, it works for me. If you have a busier schedule than me then this may not work for you. But I’d encourage you to prioritise self care if at all possible.

What I do, in the evening shower. After washing off the dirt and debris from the day, I apply body oil in the shower. I lightly rinse off the excess, pat dry any particular damp spots (plus obvs the pits and privates). Then if the mood strikes I’ll go on with a body cream. I always feel better with a body cream after but sometimes exhaustion strikes and I just want to flop onto the bed.

I posted on my instagram story about this (in my head) revolutionary hack, only to find that this is apparently common knowledge in the beauty circles. Y’all did not need to gatekeep this from me for so long!

A light oil is definitely best for this. I’ve found that The Body Shop oils are the most suitable for me (argan, olive and hemp are my faves!). They’re super light, plus in a spray form which is easy to use in the shower. If it’s a thicker oil, use less. I go ham because I overuse everything, but that’s just me.

Any cream can go on after, having body hair I do prefer a lotion over a thicker cream or butter. I find the Jergens range excellent, but there are so many wonderful body creams on the market. Use what makes you happy. A nice scent will always help to cheer me up.

What do you use to moisturise your body? Let me know in the comments or by sliding into the dms on instagram!

Matt xx

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