Review: Alpha H Golden Haze Face Oil

If you had told me at the beginning of 2022 that Alpha H would be launching a facial oil this year I would have laughed you off.

It’s not that the idea of the Glycolic-focussed brand launching an oil is laughable – far from it – it’s moreso just rather out of left field for them. It’s no secret that the brand is famed for actives and formulating with stronger acids, retinoids and peptides. Not that they don’t offer soothing items – they do (the balancing cleanser and vitamin e serum immediately spring to mind) – but their MO is well formulated and strong actives as befits a brand born in clinic.

So them launching a perfectly respectable, soothing, facial oil, took a lot of us by surprise.

But embrace this launch they have, and as is par for the course for Alpha H, it is a delight. They don’t launch something without ensuring that it is perfect.

This is a trait that has carried through the brands storied history. Launched in 1995 by absolute queen Michelle Doherty (may she RIP <3 – make sure you go and watch this beautiful video on Caroline’s blog) who was bowled over by the positive effect that Glycolic acid had on her skin – describing it as one of the first “solution based blemish treatment”. That resulted in Liquid Gold – one of the first (and still one of the best) acid toners and exfoliants. Liquid Gold was funnily enough the first “proper” skincare product that I used. And whilst I may dip in and out of acids, Liquid Gold still maintains a permanent spot in my lineup, and I don’t think I’d quite cope without its presence.

But back to the oil. I think the Golden Haze Face Oil* fills a key gap within the Alpha H SKUs. I think this would pair absolutely beautifully with the vitamin e or b serums.

Oils present include Camellia, Watermelon Seed, Jojoba, Squalane, Rosehip, Seaberry, Argan and Sandalwood (among others). It is a beautiful blend to be honest. It balances incredible skin nourishment with a lightness that means its not offensive to those who might be more selective with oils on the skin. As per every oil, you can utilise a drop or two if you just want to feel a bit less dry, or want more glow. Alternatively you can do what I do, and load up a pipetteful onto the skin and let it soak into the skin. Utterly glorious! But then I am rather dry.

In terms of scent, it has a light freshness to it, backed with a hint of the sandalwood spice. I quite like that because it covers the raw ingredient scent that some oils can be a little predisposed to. It just makes it feel a bit more exclusive. I mean of course you don’t need that in a product, but it just makes it that bit more enjoyable. And if you can’t enjoy it what can you do.

Contraindications wise, aside from specific ingredient or fragrant oil allergies, I don’t see this really causing many problems for most people. You yourself will know if an oil is for you. Though it must be said, those who are historically averse to facial oils, rarely go back after using a high quality one. I’ll leave that with you.

Get the Alpha H Golden Haze Face Oil on your face here. Checkout the lineup of other products here.

*Press sample

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