Brand Review: Enbacci

Enbacci is one of those brands that I’ve been seeing everywhere on Instagram, but hadn’t had the opportunity to try anything. Launched in 2013 and made in Australia, Enbacci is designed to feature premium ingredients into a simple, yet effective, routine. Now obviously simple routine isn’t exactly in my vocabulary, so I’ve tested out the majority of the range to give you my thoughts. You’re welcome.

Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser

The Vitis range contains grape stem cells as the primary active ingredient. What this means is that the stem cells will help to reduce the appearance of environmental stresses (pollution, smoke, free radicals etc) and subsequently assist with the first signs of ageing.

The cleanser itself is a mild gel wash that foams up to a nice lather and is suitable as a second cleanse for most people. I don’t find it to be particularly stripping on the skin. Although 100ml may seem like a smaller size for a cleanser, I personally only needed one pump to lather my entire face effectively.

Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence

I must say I’ve never come across an essence lotion in a spray form before, and I don’t know how I feel! I generally prefer a slightly thicker, hyaluronic acid essence, but I feel like this would be great for day application, or to add a slight boost to a gel moisturiser. It would probably be good for those looking to add a little extra to their routine and are unsure how their skin will react to an extra step.

Viti Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Creme

A smooth, hydrating and refreshing moisturiser. It works well over the top of both serums and oils and helps to lock in the water to your skin. It’d probably work for any skin type, though if you’re on the dryer side you would probably want to just restrict this for day use. I’m using this one pretty regularly so I’ll keep you updated if my fine lines disappear (please remove them!).

Age Revitalising Eye Defence

Probably my favourite product overall. Enriched with Apple stem cells, sunflower seed oil and sodium hyaluronate, this was a nicely hydrating eye cream that didn’t leave a thick residue on the eye area. Being a contact wearer, during the day I need something to sink in quickly and not sit there and slip into my eye. This did that and brightened the area nicely.

Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub

I’m not going to lie, I’m not really a scrub human. After too many pimples caused by going real hard with Apricot scrubs in my youth, I tend to shy away from them and use acid exfoliants instead. A microdermabrasion style scrub is really as far as I’ll go in the physical exfoliation world, and there’s quite a few I like. This one works very well, it’s reasonably gentle on my skin, yet definitely sloughs off anything dead. Just remember to only use the pressure of your hand and don’t actively push the scrub hard on your skin. I’d recommend this for all skin types, but if you’re a tad sensitive you may want to only use this in your T zone.

Detoxifying Clay Mask

Actually quite gentle as clay masks go. It didn’t dry rock hard on my skin which I appreciate. I didn’t break out from this, which suggests that it’s not so much a deeply purifying mask as a lightly resurfacing mask – yes there’s a difference. I could definitely see myself whipping this one on a day or two before an event and see a nice brightening and evening of my skin tone and texture.

Have you tried Enbacci before? Let me know in the comments and shop them here. You can also follow me on Instagram @infirmofpurpose.

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