Fashion Bravery

Words by Matt Huxley

The Met Gala is something that i look forward to each year. It’s a place where creativity and high fashion can be showcased on the highest people in the fashion, music and celebrity industries.

In case you’re brand new, each year the Met Gala runs to a particular theme, corresponding to the fashion exhibition that the Met has on. This year it celebrates legendary Comme Des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo.

Kawakubo is renowned for her sculptural avant-garde designs, a theme that (one would think) would be a relatively popular one to replicate. But alas not, apparently it proved intimidating to most, who ended up arriving in basic ass gowns. The very few who attempted (and largely succeeded) to stick to the theme were then lambasted by peasant outlets such as The Daily Mail. Long story short, people who don’t know fashion shouldn’t attempt to decipher it.

But that’s not what this post is about. This is about fashion bravery. Fashion is there to push boundaries and for you to take risks. Granted, I myself do not push the boundary in the biggest way possible, but I do so in a way that both suits my style, and the environment I’m in. Not to mention my budget! Fashion is about utilising trends and iconographic pieces in clever ways. Sure it may be great that your outfit is featuring every current trend, but why not take that Gucci shirt and fishnet tights and use it with other pieces to reference an iconic era or person. That’s truly fashion for me.

Take risks, push your own personal style to a new level, and ffs don’t wear a basic gown to an avant-garde event.

This look was shot by Ali Gordon, make sure you go check her out on Instagram @modestoblog or on Modesto Blog.

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Jacket – The Bronze Snake Shop (similar) | Jeans – Topman | Shirt – Cotton On

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