Review: Rosehip Plus

Words by Matt Huxley

Rosehip Plus is one of those ubiquitous brands in the bathroom closets of the world. Chances are you heard some new age genie sprouting the benefits of Rosehip oil and happened upon this reliable brand in Chemist Warehouse.

Well. Rosehip Plus is so much more than that little brown bottle of oil that lingers for months in your cabinet. Whilst its oil is undeniably amazing – in fact I featured it in my favourite Facial Oils post – it has an entire range of skincare products containing Rosehip oil.

Cream Cleanser: I’ve used many a cream cleanser in my time, and this is surely one of the best. It’s a very hydrating formulation suitable for sensitive skin that leaves the skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and clean without having that squeaky feeling that I so detest.

Day Cream: While I probably wouldn’t use this as a day cream – the formulation is just that tad too rich for me for during the day – it’s great as a night cream during the summer. Good for those times where you need a bit of hydration, but without your face looking like an oil slick.

Night Cream: Love the pump action of this bottle for a start. The product is good and noticeably more rich than the day cream. I definitely would want this for winter, with a drop or two of the oil mixed in.

Roll on: When I first saw this I idiotically thought it was an eye roll on. Like duh Matt oil won’t sink in around your eyeballs. This is a great spot treatment for those skin areas where you need a hit of hydration – around the nose and the lips for example.

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