10 Things That 2016 Taught Me

Words by Matt Huxley

It’s ok to Stand Out

If I had a $1 for every time someone said to me “ew what are you wearing?” It’s quite simple really. I wear what I feel like wearing. If someone else doesn’t like it, that’s on them. Wearing something different from the norm is… a challenge… in a city such as Brisbane, but hey. You do you. If you feel confident, you go out and rock it. Nine times out of ten it’s your confidence that makes the outfit work.

Wearing All Black is Ok

I mean, are you a stranger to this blog? That’s my jam. So often it gets slammed as “basic” or “fashion assistant 101.” But when done properly, all black can look so chic. If it’s good enough for Carine Roitfeld, it’s good enough for me.

Friends are Everything

They’re the guys who will stay beside you as you’re devouring that second litre tub of ice cream at 1am. They’re the people who discuss politics, tv and pooping habits with you. That’s true friendship. They also start up cute brunch clubs. Long story short, if you are lucky enough to find good friends, stick with them.

Sometimes there will be more Highs than Lows

It’s how you deal with the lows that counts. Find a way to deal with that black cloud on the horizon. Can you distract yourself with work or friends? Can you start that project that you always put off? Lose yourself in music. I never used to really listen to the words of songs, but I do now and I find that it’s a way to appreciate the song on a whole other level.

Ageing will Catch Up

Oh boy, does it ever. This year I found my first semi-permanent wrinkle. It was awful. Be prepared to start spending more on skincare. Also I’ve discovered that botox is surprisingly affordable. And that tight, toned body that you never had to work for? Yeah that goes. Also your hips start aching. What’s up with that?

You can do Anything if you put your Mind to it

Yes you can eat that cake in one sitting. You go girl.

Endorphins do make you Happy

It’s weird. I hate exercise, but after you push past that one week hurdle where it’s awful, it starts getting better. No I lie. It’s still bloody awful, but afterwards you will feel satisfied.  I still can’t stand those people that actively claim they enjoy the gym. No you don’t.

Stick to your Guns

If you know you need to do something, go somewhere, invest in things, you do it. Listen to advice, but not from the haters. You know what you are working towards and you need to just go for it. It’ll work out in the end.

Forever is Ephemeral

You say you’ll love something forever. Someone will say they will have feelings for you forever. It’s all bullshit. Don’t get taken in by what you want to hear.

2017 is Your Year

At least that’s what we hope. Can’t get worse than last year can it?

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Jeans – Ralph Lauren | Choker – Homemade | Top – Myer | Shoes – Vintage


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