Xmas @ Lush

Words by Matt Huxley

I am out and proud. I am a grinch and I know it. Screw Cindy-Lou Who and all that cheery crap, let’s just get this sweltering period of time over with.

The one thing (other than Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes obvs) that warms the cold cockles of my heart is the new Lush Christmas range each year. They never fail to disappoint me with their blend of old favourites and new innovations.

Old faves this year include the permanent faves Rose Jam and Snow Fairy, as well as the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. And thank god they were all brought back, there’d be a mutiny in the streets if they weren’t.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Rising above the bath bomb hubbub like the Great Pyramid, the Golden Wonder is a sweet orange and lime scented extravaganza. Featuring a turquoise interior, this bad boy is like bathing in a tub of neon champagne.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

This little red cutie fills your tub with a delicious floral scent. Notes of Geranium punctuate the air as you crumble this guy under the running water. Tonnes of luxuriously fluffy bubbles abound.

Rose Jam

Bae. Literally bae. Sorry KFC you’ve been replaced by something that I can’t even eat. I need this in my life all year round. Smelling like turkish delight, this deep red shower gel smells so delectable. I can’t even. Plus it’s packed with Argan Oil, meaning that it’s super moisturising for the skin.

Snow Fairy

The quintessential Lush scent. This fairy has been around for yonks and you will either love it or hate it. Personally I don’t mind the occasional candy-sweet scent, so this one is totally my jam. But I know people who equally despise it.

Christingle Body Conditioner

This pot was a new one for me, and I was definitely excited to test out all its pepperminty goodness. I’ve been exposed to peppermint shower gels before, but silly me didn’t really think they’d all be the same did I? PSA: don’t put this bad boy on your nether regions, you will tingle, but not in a good way. In fact I’d liken it to a cold burn. Leaves you hopping round the shower trying to wash the fucker off! That being said, everywhere else the tingle is quite pleasant, and its hydration aspects can’t be ignored! Just avoid the “bits” and round back.

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