Black and Brown

Words by Matt Huxley

Brown and black is that colour combo that is so totally wrong and frowned upon, yet it can be so so right when done properly.

Here I’ve taken that common faux pas and re-worked it into something both wearable, and pretty decent if I do say so myself. It really just shows that you can take a fashion faux pas and use it to your advantage – the opportunities here are endless!

These brown leather brogues are from Zu and are now unavailable due to Zu going bust (cries forever). But most good shoe companies will produce something similar. The beautiful thing about brown shoes is that they can go with any sort of pant colour that you want. Literally any; black, navy, tan, khaki, burgundy. The skies the limit.

I’ve paired this black and brown combo with a burgundy oversize tee (which you just know is giving me life) in order to compliment both the black and brown neutrals.

This look was shot by the amazing Ant Cox, check out his work @paintedrust on Instagram, or on his site here.

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Shirt – Topman | Jeans – Cotton On | Shoes – Zu








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