Lush Christmas Haul

Words by Matt Huxley

Ah Lush… you goddess of skincare. You’re everything that I could possibly ever want in a skincare brand (if you made Rose Jam all year round, kthnxbye).

I got my greedy little hands on a bunch of the new Lush Christmas range, and I thought I’d be presumptuous and give you my thoughts on it. Because what else are blogs for?

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Santa’s Lip Scrub: This is a cola flavoured lip scrub, so that automatically just appeals to me. I really like this. It’s not too rough at all, and exfoliates the lips really well. It’s also not an overly sickly cola taste which some artificial cola flavourings can be like. Really nice product. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Do be careful though, as the red colouring can slightly stain your fingers, but if you thoroughly wash them you should be right!

The Magic of Christmas Fun: I’ve never been a huge fan of fun tbh. I just think that other products from Lush do the jobs that Fun does better. So yeah. This is a good one for the kids though.

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream: I love this! The scent of this is so phenomenal. I can’t describe it. Like patchouli but not ridiculously strong. It’s just epic. My only criticism is, being a cream, it obviously doesn’t foam as much as I would like. So I’ll have to look for a gel version. But it’s very moisturising and definitely cleans me up nicely haha.

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Cinders Bath Bomb: If you love spicy scents, this one is for you! Smelling like cinnamon and all things Christmassy and good, this bomb will turn your bath a pale yellow colour. It gives off a strong scent and the popping candy make it that little bit more exciting.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb: This bath bomb is bae. You all know that! I love it. I love the scent, I love the turquoise colour it turns my bath. It’s amazing.

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Fairy Dust: I didn’t know how into this body dust I would be to be quite honest. I’m a bit dubious of anything that could make me too glowy, especially a product designed for the body. But this is actually quite subtle. It would work very nicely if you’re going clubbing and want a candy smelling glow. Alternatively it also works quite nicely as a face highlighter. But be careful not to get too much. Use sparingly as it’s pink and could potentially go quite blush like if you pack it on.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: Speaking of candy sweet, this is the king (or queen?) of sweet smelling products. Snow fairy is legendary and deserves its reputation. If you don’t like sweet scents stay away. Just saying.

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Snow Angel Bath Melt: I’ve used this previously and really wasn’t too much of a fan of it to be honest. I found it really grainy and it didn’t dissolve properly. Well that one must have been defective, because this one worked perfectly. It slowly melted away into a beautiful moisturising bath. Really enjoyed it.

Rose Jam Shower Gel: Ah bae. You are everything. That is all.

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