The Trends You’ll Be Rocking This Spring

Words by Matt Huxley

Well howdy there IOP. Long time no see! Yes yes I know! I’ve been absent for over a week, and it’s not good enough and yada yada yada. But I’m back, refreshed and invigorated with lots of new content in the works. Plus a few exciting announcements. Stay tuned ;)

But first? Spring. As you can tell by the fact that it’s getting uncomfortably sticky and hot, Spring is well and truly upon us. WTF. Why can’t it go back to coat weather? *cries profusely*

But the one good thing that Spring gives us is a few solid trends to base our wardrobe off. This season it’s all about the short. So throw out those boring ass denim and blacks, it’s time to invest in colour and patterns.

My current fave store for everything is Uniqlo (ps, did you know they’re opening in Brisbane soon? Win), and that’s where I picked up these two outfits. I’ve been lusting after a pair of green shorts ever since I was forced to leave behind a 20 baht pair I bought in a Bangkok market and subsequently realised that it was in asian, and not european, sizing. Needless to say, my ample derriere was no match for unyielding cotton. In any case, I pared these back with a simple white button up. With a bold pop colour short such as these, going simple up top is always best. And you really can’t get more classic than a white button up!

Floral always makes the rounds in guys clothing in Spring. Wear your floral shorts with a top that’s complimentary to the base tone of the pattern. Here I’ve taken the base blue of the floral pattern and paired it with a light weight blue sweater on its own – no layering right now! I’d sweat like a bitch.

Both green and brown are tones that go far better with brown rather than black accessories. So I’ve paired both of these with a brown belt from YD and my new raw leather Zu brogues, which I LOVE.

What do you think the trends for Spring will be? Let me know down in the comments!

This look was short by the amazing Amie Casey, check her out on Instagram @amiecasey.

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Shorts 1 – Uniqlo | Shirt – Uniqlo | Shorts 2 – Uniqlo | Sweater – Uniqlo | Belt – YD | Shoes – ZU

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IMG_9541 copy

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