Words by Matt Huxley

In the dreary everyday lives of most of the populace, there’s rarely an opportunity to throw a bit of colour into your outfit. I would know. The struggle is real. Thankfully however, there’s always a way we can show off our colourful personalities yet still remain corporate. That’s what I’ve taken it upon myself to showcase here. You’re welcome.

The uber cool cats over at Rock My Socks produce this creatively colourful range of socks guaranteed to make you feel a little bit brighter every day. Offset against a neutral pant and shirt, the full effect is showcased.

Wear your pant slightly rolled up, giving just a taste of the colour, without blinding your neighbours. This way you show off a bit of your colourful personality.

So what are you waiting for? Get your colourpop on with this colourful socks by Rock My Socks.

This editorial was shot by the epically amazing Ant of Painted Rust. Go follow him on Instagram @paintedrust.

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Shirt – Country Road | Jeans – Cotton On | Cropped Pants – Yaly Couture | Socks – Rock My Socks | Shoes – Zu









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