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Words by Matt Huxley

As an avid skincare hoarder I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest products that will keep me moist, wrinkle free and exfoliated. I’d heard of Moogoo skincare before, heard the name bandied around the skincare circles, but never had I actually tried it.

That is until a few weeks ago, when I got my mitts on a range of their products in order to test them out for myself. See what occurred below.

Udder Cream


Unsurprisingly, the Udder Cream is a very thick, rich moisturiser. Almost exactly like double whipped cream squeezed from an udder. Funny that… It’s also a cult product. I have 100% noticed a difference since incorporating this product into my routine, and the compliments have tripled. Yass. The tip with this product is to apply a little at a time, thoroughly working it into the skin in small circular motions. If you just apply a tonne to your mug you’re gonna end up with a white face, covered in unblended cream.

Milk Wash

DSC00125 copy

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of this product. I generally don’t reach for a creamy cleanser in the first place, and I found this one quite hard to work into a lather and then remove from my face. It did the job, but I think I’ll stay with my foaming cleanser this time.


DSC00131 copy

I’ve never tried a milk-based deodorant before. This one was in a cute little roll on. It was good, I mean no deodorant is ever going to stop a foul sweater like me, but this one was gentle and pleasant. I would repurchase.

Eye Serum

DSC00128 copy

I’ve never actually tried an eye serum before, and I quite enjoyed my experience with this one. It’s almost like an oil, one pump is more than enough as the packing disperses a large amount of product at once. I tapped this all over my eye area and found it to be pretty hydrating. Worth picking up.

Lip Balm

DSC00129 copy

I have a not so secret addiction to lip balm, and this one is completely edible. WINNING. I get to combine my two great loves. In all seriousness, this has been my lifesaver through winter, It’s hydrating and relatively long lasting. It won’t last as a night lip balm, for me at least, but as a regular everyday balm, it does the job.

Sorbet Balm

DSC00132 copy

I was quite hesitant using this product for the first time. You rub it into your driest and most sensitive areas and it initially feels a bit like an exfoliator. Not pleasant. But the warmth of your hand melts it into an oil which absorbs nicely into the skin. It’s also highly effective. I found that it made a huge difference to my dry areas and the lime scent was very pleasant.

So now that you’ve read that, it begs the question. Do you even Moogoo? Make sure you check out the full range here. Make sure you use my special discount code to get 15% off all orders – Jointheherd.

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