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Words by Matt Huxley

Everyone needs to get some new products in their life sometimes, so when I stumbled across the new Osis+ range from Schwarzkopf professional, I knew I had to have it. These products are absolutely beautiful and can find a place in anyone’s bathroom cabinet. Presented in a palette of black, red and silver, the packaging is chic and modern, and the products are easy to use and effective.

Osis+ Volume Up


This is a spray volumiser that you use on dry hair. Lifting your hair up, spray a few spritzes on the base of the follicle and work it in using your fingers. This gives your hair a bit of volume, texturises it and also provides a level of hold. I have very fine hair (read, non existent) and this didn’t over power or turn it stringy. 10/10 would recommend.

Osis+ Wax Dust

DSC00114 copy

I love a good wax dust. Either sprinkle this directly into dry hair or into your hands and work together.It will transform into a wax right in front of your eyes. The downside of this product is that it can be very easy to overuse, so I would recommend sprinkling in your hands and then applying to your hair so that you can control the amount of wax applied. It gives a great amount of hold and texture.

Osis+ Glamour Queen

DSC00107 copy

Everyone loves to be a glamour queen, and with this volumising hairspray you soon can! This is great for securing flyaway hairs and solidifying your look. The only downside with this product was the can size. I’m so used to gigantic bottles of hairspray that this felt a tad small to me. But hey, the product itself is great.

Osis+ Aqua Slide

DSC00112 copy

I honestly thought I would not be able to use this product properly. Having thin hair, a pomade can very very easily turn it into a stringy oil slick and then it’s just all over. Bye girl bye. But I was pleasantly surprised. This was my favourite product of the bunch. It’s beautiful. It slips through your hair, adding a slight shine and great hold. It’s incredibly easy to work with and there’s no chance that you can apply too much, which is a huge bonus for me!

I know you know you need these products in your life. So pick them up, or any of the Osis+ range here.

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