Skincare 101: Lush Serves Christmas Magic

Words by Matt Huxley

It’s currently quarter to 1 in the morning and I am writing this with a gigantic bowl of pasta and a pepsi max. #healthylife. In reality though, despite the distraction of food, all that is occupying my thoughts is this epic bath I had the other day.

There’s really nothing better than lying in a body of water, that is pink, and scented, and steaming. Preferably without someone making shamu the whale references. This is what I experienced the other night. It was pure bliss.

This epic bath time was caused by Lush being the cool cats that they are and releasing 12 of their most epic Christmas products to celebrate Christmas in July. Aren’t we welcome.

I received the So White Shower Gel to test out, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and the Lush Pud Bath bomb.


Lush’s legendary PR agent always gets it right for me, and the three products I received are absolutely incredible.

So White steers away from the usual sickly sweet shower gel that many people associate with Lush. It’s crisp and fresh and smells of green apples and amazingness. It’s not the warmest scent to utilise in winter, but it foams so well you don’t even care.

Candy Mountain is a bubble bar scented with the familiar snow fairy scent. It’s sweet and delicious and amazing and unnnnf. With bubble bars, you’re meant to just break off a little bit and save the rest. But I say fuck it. Crumble that whole mountain into your bath, you won’t regret it. Trust me.

The Lush Pud Bath Bomb is one of the larger bombs that Lush produces and is incredible. Turning your bath a swirling pink , the coloured spheres you see embedded in the sides actually fall out in the bath, moving around like little islands and each releasing their essential oils for you to luxuriate in. Basically it makes your bath soft as all hell and you don’t want to leave.


So that you can have a bathing experience like me, I think y’all should probably visit Lush here and pick up some of their epic Christmas goodies.

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