Review: Soroci Morning Drizzle Creams

Words by Matt Huxley

Going in to the dreaded summer months, I’m always on the hunt for lighter, water based moisturisers to give my skin the water content it needs to prevent dehydration. I’m a foul sweater so this is a very real concern for me – nothing worse than dehydration lines! Soroci is a Korean skincare brand that’s been on my radar for quite some time now. Their essence and lotions are cult classics and I’ve been keen on their light, but hydrating, philosophy. You all know I love layering my products, and this is just the brand for it!

I tested out two of their Morning Drizzle Moisturisers.

Water Drop Cream

What immediately seems like just another basic ass gel cream turns into so much more on the skin. Enriched with squalane, pearl extract and sodium hyaluronate, this cream releases water droplets once applied on the skin. What this means is that it sinks super far down into the skins surface and provides a tonne of hydration. Because it’s such a lightweight cream you can also layer it on top of serums for added hydration, or use it as a lock in cream on top of heavier oils to really force them down into the skin. In my experiments I also really enjoyed spritzing some water-based face mist first, adding extra squalane and then the cream. The sodium hyaluronate attracts water so the face mist was locked to the cream and then sucked down into the skin. A great step to do before makeup during the day if you work in an air-conditioned office and want to prevent your skin from drying out. It goes without saying but this is definitely going to be a repurchase for me, and the fact that it doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance is an extra win! This cream would be suitable for oily and dehydrated skin types, or for drier skins as a layering product.

Calming Cream

Definitely operating on more of the cream side as opposed to a gel, the calming cream is a really nice, lightweight cream moisturiser. Containing shea butter, jojoba oil and beeswax, this beautiful cream contains all the good hydrating ingredients, with none of the pore clogging thickness – perfect for those of you with drier skin that don’t like heavy ingredients. I enjoyed this as a morning moisturiser on those days where my skin was feeling a bit more sensitive, or when I’ve used super active ingredients the night before. This would also be suitable as a night cream for those with slightly oilier skin. Of course, I still recommend layering your serums and emulsions under this, but the emollient factor of the cream makes it quite a hydrating choice if you needed to slap on something quick and run out the door. It also sits beautifully under makeup and serves to really provide a nice blending base to work foundation into the skin. Definitely be aware of the ingredients in your foundation – this cream has oil in it so can therefore react and separate with certain types of foundation. On the whole this cream can find a place in anyone’s skincare routine. If you have drier skin it’s a great morning moisturiser, whereas if you have oilier or dehydrated skin it can work as a summer night cream or a winter morning cream.

If you’re curious about Korean beauty, give Soroci a try. You can shop them exclusively in Australia via Style Story, for all your Korean skincare needs.

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