Do You Need An Eye Serum?

Words by Matt Huxley

I mean we all know what I’m going to say here. YES! But why do you need one?

The delicate eye area needs to be treated with different products from the rest of your face. Similarly to how putting sorbolene cream on your face won’t work, putting a face moisturiser under your eyes won’t either. It’s simply too thick to penetrate your skin.

Working in skincare, I hear all the time how it’s just a marketing scam, and there’s nothing wrong with the same creams everywhere, but that’s simply not true. Overly active face care products on the eye area can sometimes cause damage rather than hydrate the skin.

That’s where your specialist products come in. Eye creams and eye serums. Eye creams I’m sure most of you will have. But what about a serum for the eye area? That’s what Biologi are for. If you haven’t heard of the brand that’s taking over Instagram, then you’re clearly not doing life correctly. Their range of plant-based serums are the only serums composed of 100% active plant ingredients. Kakadu Plum is the ingredient for their eye serum. Containing one of the highest sources of Vitamin C known, Kakadu Plum is a lifesaver for anyone with fine lines and dullness. Perfect for the eyes!

I use a quarter of a pump of this under my eyes each night, allowing it to sink in, and then applying my eye cream of choice. Whilst you absolutely can use this product on its own, in fact its suggested that you don’t need to apply anything after, I tend to prefer layering my products. Since using it I’ve noticed a definite increase in the hydration around my eyes, there is less puffiness in the morning, and most importantly, those fine frown lines are starting to plump back out. Win!

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