Words by Matt Huxley

Fearlessness is a quality oft sought-after but very infrequently is it possessed by an individual. We are now in a time where some of us live our lives dictated by fear. I for one, have never been one to worry about things outside of my control, or of other people’s opinions.

This crosses over into the fashion world as well. Being a person who possesses what some might call a “weird,” “quirky” or “androgynous” sense of style, you get used to being stared at. I’ve been stared at, shouted at, and had the worst putdowns you can imagine yelled at me. Does it phase me? Briefly yes, but you just have to move on and know that you’re fucking fabulous, even if the rest of the population haven’t quite caught up yet.

People fear what they can’t define. Transgression, liminality, androgyny. All of these concepts people fear, because it’s not what they’re used to. They’re used to people in a stained hoodie and thongs. They aren’t used to corset belts, chokers, fishnets, high fashion. Especially not on a mildly pudgy 6’2 man with highlight.

So I encourage you, be fearless. Whether you’re nervous about travel, what you’re wearing, or even just an exam. Be fearless and slay that fucker.

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Shirt – Fabrixquare | Jeans, Corset Belt, Shoes, Fishnet Socks – Asos | Choker – Lovisa | Rings – Joshua Hall

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