Zambesi Resort ’18 Review

Words by Matt Huxley

As the proud owner of approximately 20 highlighters, I am absolutely a fan of anyone highlighted af. Zambesi’s models were absolutely highlighted to the gods. What’s even better is that the clothes EXACTLY matched the shade of highlight on the cheeks.

I mean. Brilliance.

The clothes were phenomenal too. Sheer metallic overlay coats came in blazer, coat and bomber jacket form, some with rose motifs emblazoned on them. Layered over tight pants and Clarks-esque school shoes, the entire effect was one of a rebellious school boy. That may sound shit, but trust me, this is a school you’ll want to go back to.

Marigold, moss green and pistachio are the new it colours, breathing life into revere-collar shirts, jumpers and carryall bags. Paired with cropped high waist loose trousers, they took relaxed to a high fashion level. Socks were layered over the physical shoes, matching the high athletic socks present on most of the models. This had the added benefit of softening the clip clopping of the shoes on the runway – sometimes intrusive at other shows.

Metallics came into play in another big way with the addition of pleated tops and skirts, cinched with matching jackets. An off the shoulder asymmetric cropped jumper over a pleated skirt was another highlight. Side stripe hotelier pants were paired with a gold vest for the men. Understated, yet a statement. This is the type of clothing that I expect from an international brand at fashion week.

Photos provided by Getty Images exclusively for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

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