Zhivago Resort ’18 Review

Words by Matt Huxley

It’s really no secret that I have a deep, undying love for all things Zhivago. The edginess, the fact that the creations are inspired, and the fact that it’s all just so goddamn extra. It speaks to the inner drag queen in me. Somewhere inside of me, there’s a Latrice Royale just screaming to escape.

But I digress. Miami Nights was a resounding success for Zhivago.

What is immediately clear to me in particular is that the brand has matured. There’s still the same quintessential motifs; the power shoulder, the plunging neckline, the just-above-the-knee length and the structured, ribbed, elasticised hems. But it’s been elevated. Restraint has been shown and experimentation has occurred.

A gigantic highlight was the integration of sequins into the collection. Arrayed in a rose pattern, they were appliquéd over fishnet to create a unique and textural material for jumpsuits (a la Met Gala Bella Hadid) and gowns.

Another experiment that went oh so right for Zhivago was the puffy sleeve. Whilst this may conjure up Jerry Seinfeld-esq horror stories, this was done the right way. Guaranteed you will want to look like a pirate. Cut in velvet, they gave me all the saloon realness. Particularly paired over the sequinned pants. The hourglass figure created is a celebration of womanhood and the female form.

There were many hits in the show, including a hotelier inspired red and black number, a muted floral fluted hem dress with a slit back and the OTT Zhivago branded sunnies and ear cuffs. Snooki eat ya heart out.

What’s also clear is that the entire show was conceptualised and thought out. From the music, to the fact that the models’ lipstick matched the shoes and the toenails, every single detail was checked off.

All in all, I think it’s pretty evident that this show was a resounding success, so let’s take a gander at the best images (provided by Getty Images exclusively for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia duh).

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