10 Songs to get you Through Life

Words by Matt Huxley

Because even the best sometimes resort to using clickbait titles. I’m a sellout I know. But given the particularly crap past month (and let’s be real the year hasn’t been too crash hot), I feel like I am in a unique position to be able to share the 10 songs that will get you through life. I’m by no means a music blogger, but hey, this blog is called Infirm of Purpose. On another note, do you know how hard it is to come up with just 10 songs for this sort of article? Due credit, please.

Never Enough – Brendan Maclean

Because it really is never enough, you always have to keep pushing, no matter what the pain. Ps check out Brendan’s epic new video for this song below.

Glory Box – Portishead

Because everyone needs a trip-hop song about wanting to stop being a hoe and settling down. In addition, make sure you watch this decent Idol cover (shocking I know).

Shackles – Mary Mary

I am by no means religious, but you can’t deny that this song’s message of empowerment and breaking free is catchy. Plus starting the whole gospel/pop movement is a pretty big deal.

Chasing Time – Azealia Banks

The feelings when you’ve put all your energy into one thing only for it to be unsuccessful.

Ex Factor – Lauryn Hill

The ULTIMATE song for the turbulent relationship when you’re never good enough.

Here – Alessia Cara

Outlining the awkward moment that everyone goes through when they just don’t want to be out in public. The ultimate introvert song.

You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette (acoustic version)

Alanis Morissette was the poster girl for the angsty teen (possibly only beaten by Evanescence). This acoustic version of You Oughta Know has (in my opinion) so much more power than the original.

I’m So Excited – The Pointer Sisters

The original happy song, because apparently sometimes people are happy and excited about things, this is the ideal song for that moment. Or jogging on the treadmill. Either or.

Hit ’em Up Style – Blu Cantrell

Probably the best fuck you song ever.

Get You Back – Wally Lopez ft. Ricki-Lee

For a very very long time this was the most played song on my iTunes. Take from that what you will.


Yes I’m that weak that I couldn’t narrow it down to a top 10.

Meeting in the Ladies Room – Klymaxx


Mercy – Shawn Mendes

Because sometimes it’s ok to be basic and like top 40 stuff.

Fools – Troye Sivan

“Only fools fall for you.”

Higher – Rihanna

She just expresses that late night longing for something so perfectly.

Work – Conor Maynard (Rihanna Cover)

The perfect song to belt out with the bestie on a car trip.

Superhero – The Pretty Reckless

Ideal song for any emo moment. Let’s be real, we all have them.

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