Keeping it Classy

Words by Matt Huxley

I’ve never been one to be overly classy. Whilst I might on the odd occasion come across a tad arrogant, when it comes to my dressing I definitely subscribe to the underground, edgy style of clothing for my aesthetic.

But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate and present a classy style of dress should the occasion or my fluctuating mood demand it. And if I get the opportunity to add that touch of edge in there? Well bitch you know Imma take it.

That’s exactly what I did here. Taking the classic white shirt/black pants combo, I’ve elevated it with the addition of a choker, cropping the pants (showing that mankle) and pairing it with monk straps – which incidentally are a bitch to get on if you’re in a hurry.

This look was shot by Ali Gordon, make sure you go check her out on Instagram @modestoblog or on Modesto Blog.

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Coat – Zara | Shirt – Country Road | Pants – Yaly | Choker – Vintage | Shoes – Oxford | Pouch – Commes de Garcon | Rings – Joshua Halls






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