Resurfacing Isn’t A Bad Word – Ft. Alpha-H

Words by Matt Huxley

Resurfacing is such a harsh, visceral word. Especially when applied to skin, exfoliating, refreshing and toning are far more subtle. But I dislike subtle. If you’re going to exfoliate, I want a whole damn new layer of skin.

That’s where Alpha-H comes in. This stunningly packaged brand is purposely designed with resurfacing your skin in mind. Resurfacing, or exfoliation in skincare parlance is designed to increase cell turnover, refreshing your skin and increasing collagen output. Collagen is the shit that makes your skin plumper and nicer.

Alpha H’s Liquid Gold is a resurfacing liquid exfoliant that has achieved cult status, beloved by users around the world and winning multiple awards. The active ingredient is Glycolic acid, which has the ability to increase hydration, exfoliate and reduce pigmentation. Win.

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Testing out the Liquid Gold for the first time, I was blown away. I use it like a toner when I can’t be assed to use a physical exfoliant and it’s lovely. It’s definitely a good one to add in to your weekly routine.

The Triple Action Cleanser is another good one. It’s a similar consistency and texture to the familiar Cetaphil cleanser. It doesn’t foam up a ridiculous amount, it just goes in there and does the job. Removes makeup and grime without leaving your skin feeling tight or with that annoying “squeaky” feeling which always does my head in.

Finally the Micro-Cleanse Super Scrub is another fantastic exfoliation alternative. For those of you who prefer a light physical exfoliant, this is definitely one for you. It gives a nice, even exfoliation without being too harsh.

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