Why You Should Be Fearless

Words by Matt Huxley

In a world where the media feeds us tales of death and destruction on the daily, sometimes we can give into the fear mongering around us. This can also cross over into the fashion world. Judgements on who you should and shouldn’t be wearing, the way you’ve styled yourself, even your haircut!

Well fuck that I say.

Fear should never be the thought that drives how you dress. Fear of judgement or abuse not only constricts your style, it diminishes your confidence and prevents you from breaking out like the truly fabulous being you are.

Whether you want to emulate a particular style, dress to the trends, forge your own path or dress in your $5 rejects from Lowes, do it with confidence. Ok maybe not in a Lowes outfit…

I hate to do a cliched af post, but it’s true. Words mean jack shit if you don’t let them get to you. I’ve been yelled at on the street, abused online and judged for many a thing I’ve worn. I don’t care. If it affects me, I get maccas and move along. Yay self empowerment.

For this look I decided to channel both Chanel and old style reverend chic. The tie around my body and neck is actually a strap from the beautiful @modestoblog’s dress, and she also took these photos!

What do you think of the look? Would you wear it?

This look was shot by Ali Gordon, make sure you go check her out on Instagram @modestoblog or on Modesto Blog.

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Shirt – Country Road | Jumper – Asos (similar) | Jeans – Cotton On | Shoes – Oxford (similar) | Tie – Fifth The Label | Pouch – Commes de Garcons

DSC01531 copy


DSC01520 copy


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  1. julie on August 2, 2016 at 11:30 am

    I like your style and your influence on fashion should be appreciated!

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