Winterproofing Your Skin

Words by Matt Huxley

Yes! It’s finally winter. My ice-cold soul is finally happy because the outside temperature matches my heart.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Specifically your skin. More specifically, how you need to protect it even more in winter. The amount of people that I see continuing on their same summer skincare routine is ridiculous. As the weather changes, so does the effect it has on your skin. Where there was summer oiliness there’s now winter dryness. So what are the products we can use to winter proof our skin? Read on good readers. What a sentence Matt. Well done. Ps keep going to the end of this post for a cute lil Youtube video I did on this topic. Whilst you’re there make sure you click through and subscribe ;) help a boy out.



V05 Moisturising shampoo

I must admit, I’d kind of discounted a lot of V05 stuff after a spate of bad experiences with their products. BUT. This shampoo is pretty decent, and for the price tag, It’s one I’m definitely going to recommend to y’all. If you’re after something a tad more hydrating, make sure you’re looking for shampoos containing argan oil – this will build in the oils to your hair.

Nak Hair Moisturiser

I’d never heard of a hair moisturiser before testing out this Nak product. It definitely adds a lot of hydration back into the hair, and with a built in heat protectant it’s definitely a winner both pre and post blowdrying.

Redken Diamond Oil

PSA: Do not put in this product prior to going anywhere. Your hair will turn into an oily mess and whilst it’ll be amazing for it, you’ll leave a shine trail everywhere you go. Having said that, it’s also the best hair oil I’ve ever tried.

Schwarzkopf Spray Conditioner

This spray conditioner has been a stable in my hairdrobe (it’s a word, deal with it!) for a while now. It provides a nice amount of light hydration and a pleasant scent – perfect for those days where you don’t want an oil slick!

DSC01709 copy


St Ives Elastin and Collagen Moisturiser

Omg. This is literally my queen! I bow to it every morning. Not literally but ya know. This is the shit. It sinks in quickly, hydrates me, prevents that annoying tight feeling after a hot shower and is the all round

Cotton On Body Body Oil

I do enjoy a good body oil, and this one has a really nice coconut smell. It can linger a tad long for my liking, but his is mainly my hairy areas – legs. Definitely gets the job done.


Pretty similar to the previous oil, but I wanted to show this to you guys as well as I don’t feel like this brand gets the love it deserves. It’s a nice oil with a cute lime and coconutty scent.

Lush Great Barrier Body Bar

A really handy in-shower moisturiser. This bar has three uses in it, perfect for a mid shower wipe down. Doesn’t leave a residue, yet leaves you hydrated.

DSC01710 copy



Simple Cream Cleanser

I personally don’t really use a cleanser during winter, because my skin is already dry enough. So when I do it definitely has to be a creamy one, so that the skin isn’t stripped even further. This Simple one has no nasties and does the job.

DSC01715 copy


Alpha H Liquid Gold

This is Alpha H’s iconic product and it really does deserve all the love it receives. Use it like a toner to swipe away all the dead skin cells that accumulate in the dryer weather.

Alpha H Microfoliant

If you prefer a physical exfoliant, this is a very fine one that I love. It gets the job done.

Innisfree Volcanic Clay Exfoliator

A slightly chunkier exfoliant, this Innisfree one contains volcanic clay and ash from Jeju Island which is pretty cool. Another brand I’d encourage you to check out.

DSC01717 copy

Layering Products

Indeed Skincare Hydraluron Serum

In winter I definitely find that I need to layer products under my moisturiser. A decent hydrating serum goes a long way in ensuring that your skin stays moist.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Another serum, this one is a bit of a thinner formula, so it penetrates into your skin a bit easier than the previous one. I love this one so much omg.

Tony Moly Water Bomb Moisturiser

This is a light gel moisturiser that soaks in perfectly under a thicker cream one. Definitely one to order.

Sukin Chia Seed Oil

I do love a good facial oil. This is a newbie I recently picked up and I’ve been loving it. It gives a good amount of hydration and Chia seed oil is something I haven’t seen before, so it’s interesting to give it a go.

Rosehip + Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is definitely one of the best oils for your face. Over time, you’ll notice a big reduction in marks, dryness and fine lines. Squeeze a few drops out of the dropper and press into your face prior to moisturising, definitely the thing to help you combat that winter dryness.

DSC01723 copy


Crop Oil Moisturiser

This is something of an all in one product. It contains a few different sorts of oils, meaning that you don’t need to layer your products.

Simple Light Moisturiser

You guys have heard me bang on about this enough, this is my daily face moisturiser, I love it, I’ve been through at least 15 bottles and it’s amazing.

Lush Shangri-La Moisturiser

This is a bit of a new product for me, and one that I’ve definitely enjoyed testing out. It’s uber hydrating and contains all good stuff. Definitely one to look into picking up.

Cetaphil Dry Skin Moisturiser

This is the be all and end all if you love really thick cream moisturisers. This will hydrate the fuck out of you, and whilst it’s pore cloggingly thick, it’s non comedogenic. Win.

DSC01725 copy


Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

I would assume that everyone already has this in their bathroom cabinet.

Lancôme Genefique Yeux Eye Cream

Admittedly I have not tried too many different eye creams. However I picked this up at duty free years ago and it still works for me.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Perfect to add that last little bit of hydration!


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