Why I Love All Black

Words by Matt Huxley

You’d find it hard to believe looking at my blog recently, but there was once a time where I hated black. When I was growing up my favourite piece of clothing were some rainbow-striped overalls. I literally wore them every day. The devastation when I couldn’t fit them any more was real.

You would have thought that once I hit my teen years that the “all black emo” stage would have hit and knocked a little bit of style into me. Nope, wrong! My colour du jour was a rather muddy brown. Think a cross between 70% cocoa and poop. Bonus points if it was one of those spliced tops with a different colour sleeve from the elbow down (Sheldon who?). I was also a fan of those ugly ass fake rips that companies used to put on their clothing. And then there was my pied stage where literally everything was both black and white… I looked like a fucking human Magpie.

That rather inauspicious fashion start gave me a newfound appreciation for black once I started to move further into the fashion sphere and read a Vogue (thank god!). Whilst I know that all black is high fashion 101 and pretty bloody basic at the worst of times, it’s still comforting to me. It’s like a fashion security blanket if you will. Plus it was a great cover for that time when I was ballooning after a Macca’s binge.

Whatever your fashion story is, I think that we can all agree that all black is that one comforting go to that will always take pride of place in our wardrobes.

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Coat – Zara | Sweater – Asos (similar) | Shoes – Oxford (similar) | Jeans – Cotton On

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