Why I Love Blogging

Words by Matt Huxley

Blogging is one of those professions that is so intangible and judged that sometimes there just reaches a point in every bloggers career where they ask themselves, why am I doing this?

Maybe it’s at the point where they spend ten hours or more working on a shoot or piece, only to have it not be well received by their audience.

Maybe it’s that time where they plan out a shoot, only to not be able to use the perfect location, or have the outfit not photograph well.

Maybe it’s when they’re tired af and typing out a post, uploading a video and editing instagram photos at 1am on a thursday.

The simple answer is. Because we love it. Bloggers (the legitimate ones anyway) create content because they love to do so. They want to give their audiences the best possible information that they can create at that point in time.

Blogging is a journey, a journey where many people fail. But for those that succeed, it’s all due to love.

I love blogging because I have a voice. Blogging is the platform I chose to create because I have that voice. I have information that I want to put out there, whether people read about it or not.

In every blog post there’s layers of information, whether you’re skimming the surface, or devouring each post as soon as it goes live. Just like in writing, I love layers in my clothes. I love the effect of tying a cool ass red plaid shirt under my oversize tee. I love the contrast that it gives when compared to the skinny jeans, balancing out the oversized with the body con.

Blogging is a world of contrasts. Where what works for one person will not work for another. It’s discovering what your voice truly is that’s the fun part. In my one year of blogging I’ve learnt things that I never would have if I hadn’t started. And that’s why I love blogging.

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