Organisation For The New Year

Words by Matt Huxley

Now I’m not usually about that whole #newyearnewme lifestyle. Except when it comes to new stationery and stuff for organisation. For those of you who don’t know, I have a mild addiction and its only ever satisfied after a “back to school” officeworks sale. Am I going back to school? Hell no! But I need cheap notebooks ya feel?

This year I’ve decided it’s time. It’s time to get my organisation back on track. I hit officeworks hard to satisfy this desire, and here I am, priming you with knowledge and tips on how to organise thyself.

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Organise By Month

Particularly if you are a blogger or content creator of some description, you are going to have a lot of deadlines. That’s just the reality of it. By using a month at a time planner in conjunction with your weekly or daily diary, you can see a larger time frame at once, allowing you that flexibility to see what you have due, and more importantly whether or not all of your upcoming articles are too similar. I’ll give you an example. As a fashion and skincare blogger, I’m typically talking about a lot of similar things at once. I don’t want to do a post solely on moisturisers, if I know I have a new moisturiser coming in 2 weeks that I need to review. Two moisturiser posts in 3 weeks is obviously too much. With the monthly planner I can identify potential problems like that and work around them. This way I can ensure that I have a variety of content up on the site, and on my Youtube. It also allows me to see what I want/need to pre shoot or film, and I can organise and book photoshoots in around other life activities.

The obvious downside of paper is that if you make a mistake, it get’s messy. But thankfully god invented white out tape.

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There’s A To Do List For A Reason

I am a huge fan of the humble to do list. It keeps me on track and achieving everything I need to achieve in the day. I just use a small spiral bound notebook for this. It’s the perfect size for jotting down everything that I need to do in a day.

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Colour, Colour, Colour

With adult colouring in books now being a thing, there is absolutely no excuse for y’all to not be using colour in your planning. Colour coding is not just for your high school notes, it allows you to emphasise key dates, points, or items in order to plan your day/week/month/year/life etc.  I’m using these uber cute coloured sharpie knockoffs from Keji which are getting the job done!

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If In Doubt, Post It

Post it notes (I have an annoying non-sticky one) are both your best friend and your worst enemy. They’re great for highlighting important things that you need to do quickly. Confirming an appointment, returning a phone call or sending an email for example.

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I’d love to know your must-have organisational items and tips! Make sure to leave them down in the comment section below.

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