Archway Chilling

Words by Matt Huxley

Good lord it is hot. I’m officially dying!!!

Having just got back from India, where the temperature was roughly equivalent to the Brisbane winter, I’m especially struggling. Therefore I’m looking for ways to stay cool this summer!

Firstly, I’m clearly staying out of the sun in this thoughtfully placed archway.

Secondly I’m wearing white. Whilst I do prefer black out of the neutral colours, a nice white shirt is going to reflect that heat and turn me even more into a human light reflector. Which is always blindingly good.

I’m pairing this white and pale blue patterned shirt from Topman with some looser grey denim shorts from Jeans West. Whilst the shorts are denim and therefore a hot material, they aren’t skin tight, allowing plenty of air circulation.

This look was shot by the amazing Ant Cox, check out his work @paintedrust on Instagram, or on his site here.

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Shirt – Topman | Shoes – Zu | Shorts – Jeans West (all past season stock)







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