How To Do Edgy

Words by Matt Huxley

Without a doubt, one of the most common questions that I get asked is “how do I wear an edgier outfit?” Well fear no more peasants, Matt’s back and ready to show you how to rock a wearable edgy look. This look isn’t particularly hard out. There’s no rips or chains hanging off or anything. It’s wearable, yet will give you that distinct look to make you stand out from the crowd.

I’ve been lusting after this asymmetric, long sleeved, faux ripped shirt from Fabrixquare for ages now. So when I finally picked it up, you know it’s going to get a workout despite it being a billion degrees.

I paired it with this pair of black waxed jeans from Fabrixquare as well. They’re more of a straight leg cut and fit quite nicely. I highly enjoy them.

To go with this I decided to layer up some rings. These ones are from Michael Hill, Josh Halls and 8 Other Reasons. This helps to up the edge factor, as well as make it a bit more on trend.

This look was short by the amazing Ant Cox, check out his work @paintedrust on Instagram, or on his site here.

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Shirt + Jeans – Fabrixquare | Shoes – Zu | Rings – Josh Hall, 8 Other Reasons, Michael Hill | Beads – Thread Etiquette | Watch – Daniel Wellington














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