How To Wear White Jeans

Words by Matt Huxley

There are few things that I like more in this world than a good white jean – oversized tees excepted obvs! But the frustrating thing about it is that I don’t see many guys wearing them! We aren’t women, we don’t get periods, we can wear whatever pant colour we like haha.

The reason I like white jeans so much is that they go with pretty much anything, and they make you stand out for all the right reasons. Unless you spill food on them. Then it’s just like, go home.

I’ve gone country traditionalist and paired mine with a solid chambray shirt, boots and a chain. Because if you can’t rock a country look what can you do?

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Jeans – Asos | Shirt – Just Jeans | Boots – Str8 Up Threads | Chain – Michael Hill

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IMG_9377 copy

IMG_9381 copy

IMG_9400 copy

IMG_9386 copy

IMG_9394 copy

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