Words by Matt Huxley

I love a good rip. There’s just something about distressed denim that really just gets my juices flowing. It manages to be both edgy and wearable at the same time. Add a bit of fringe around the rip edges and ooh. It’s on.

Siksilk have really created the perfect pair of shorts for this ridiculous heat that we are having. It has plenty of slashes so that you can air your bits, and they’re also fashionable as fuck. I’m in love!

I’ve decided to stick with the all round safest option, all black. So I originally paired it with just my boxy oversized tee, but then thought It was a tad too much. I then paired it back with a simple red and black flanno. Keeping with that edgy 90s theme, but making it less “I’m a bloody goth mate.”

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This look was short by the amazing Ant Cox, check out his work @paintedrust on Instagram, or on his site here.

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Shorts – Siksilk | Shirt – Yaly Couture | Shirt (around waist) – Cotton On (similar) | Shoes – Converse








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