August Favourites

Words by Matt Huxley

I figured it was about time I finally did the quintessential “bloggy” thing to do and start a monthly favourites series. If you’re totally new to this, it’s where I go through and list the skincare, haircare, scents, books, movies, song, tv shows, clothes and anything else I can think of that I’ve been vibing this month. Aka. August. I’m also sitting here, writing this, as snot pours out of my nose at an alarming rate. You’re welcome for that visual.

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H/E Jane Iredale Men’s Powder

This powder is really meant for tanned people! This is meant to be used as an all over face powder, but even the lightest shade is far too dark for me. But needless to say, it makes an epic contour colour or bronzer. The powder is of the finest quality. Incredibly well-milled, it’s really blendable. What I do is use the thoughtfully provided kabuki brush and stipple the product along my cheekbones, then blend it downwards. Always being sure to use a very light hand.


Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight Wax

I’ve been using a lot of products this past month in my hurr. But this stands out as a truly versatile product that can be used by everyone. It blends super well into your hair, leaving a really natural finish. Basically it just means that your hair is epically held in place without it looking like a shitload of product being thrown in there. Not that I’m known to be light handed with product…

DSC00179 copy

Sigma Brushes

I recently got my hands on some Sigma brushes, after years of hearing about them on YouTube. And let me tell you, they are seriously worth the hype. Really affordable, yet high quality, I am definitely on the hunt for some more! Pictured above are some of my faves. The F90 Fan Brush is perfect for swooping on highlighter or contour powder as it only applies a bit of the product and blends it beautifully. The F82 Round Kabuki brush is the perfect blending brush for me. It could also be used to apply liquid foundation, but as I don’t wear that, I just use it to ensure that my powder is perfectly blended and amazing. The E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush slots perfectly into my crease, and is also decent for blending a sweep of colour across the lids and inner corner. I need to pick up 1 or 2 more of these, as they’re pretty versatile. Lastly, the F70 Concealer Brush is perfect for both blending out concealer smoothly, and applying and blending an eyeshadow base.

DSC00176 copy

Garnier Pore Refining Toner

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Toner ever since my Microdermabrasion girl said that Witch Hazel was making my skin resemble the surface of the sahara under the microscope. Apparently that’s not a good thing? But then I discovered this one, which I’m pretty sure is a reformulation of one of Garnier’s past Toners. In any case, it’s amazing. Totally non-drying, yet gets the job done. I’ve noticed a big change in my skin since incorporating it into my routine.

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Moogoo Udder Cream

You’ve heard me bang on about this stuff enough to know that I’m officially in a relationship with it. It’s epic. It’s transformative. It’s everything. Bye.

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David Beckham Instinct Gold Edition

This has basically been my signature fragrance for August. I don’t know all the undertones and stuff, but it’s damn good and means I don’t smell bad. Plus it’s at a pretty affordable price point which is always nice. Cheers Becks!

DSC00184 copy

Promise of the Wolves – Dorothy Hearst

My book of the month is Promise of the Wolves by Dorothy Hearst. Agreed, the title makes it sound like a pretty dubious choice, but it’s actually pretty epic. It fictionally details Pleistocene Europe through the eyes of a she-wolf, Kaala. It outlines the rise of the Wolf/Human relationship that eventually lead to wolves splitting off and becoming Dogs that you see today and the wild Wolf. Really well written, and it’s a trilogy. So yay.

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