Shaving With The Body Shop

Words by Matt Huxley

Whether you prefer to be fully shaven, or just slightly trimmed, every man needs a shaving routine to suit his style. Thankfully, due to The Body Shop‘s Maca Root range of shaving supplies, maintaining your style is simple. And I’m gonna show you how.

1. Be Beardsy



If you didn’t realise earlier, now you do. To get a nice fully clean shave, you need to be a lil beardsy. I let mine go for about 3 days prior to shooting (#masc). You’ll also want to wash your beard with a bit of warm water to start softening those bristles.


2. Get Prepped


After you’ve washed those bristles, you’ll need to wet the bristles on your Body Shop Shaving Brush. This nifty brush is designed to really work that shaving cream deep into the skin and bristles, protecting the skin and ensuring a nice clean shave. Once you’ve wet the brush, apply a generous amount of the Maca Root Shave Cream onto the tip of the brush.

3. Brush Your Face


Once the shaving product has been applied to the brush, start working it into every place that you intend to shave. This will mean that the skin is protected and the hair is primed for the razor.


4. Shave Yo Face


Take your razor of choice (I’m using a disposable from BIC because I’m cheap) and use it to remove the hair in clean motions, making sure to go in the same direction as the hair grows.

5. After Razor Protection


Possibly the most important part of the entire process is after shaving. Once you’ve washed the remnants of the shaving cream off, apply the Maca Root Razor Relief gel to the entire area. This will sink into your freshly ripped open pores and sooth and hydrate them. This means that your face won’t hurt, be red or any of those other shaving nasties.

6. Enjoy Your Body Shop Products!


Special thanks goes to Ant of Painted Rust for taking these amazing “action” shots of me shaving. Also mirrors? The struggle is real.

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