Rub Me Up With Lush

Words by Matt Huxley

Lush is one of my absolute favourite skincare companies. This is not only for their ethical views, charity obligations and the fact that they love the gays, but also because they truly do produce some really awesome products.

Latest off the wagon is the new range of massage bars. These are ideal for rubbing up a partner (;)), or for replenishing some of the moisture in your skin. The winter weather can be super drying on your skin so moisturising it daily is key.

The two bars I received were:

Dirty: A spearmint and chocolate scented bar that’s sure to leave you smelling absolutely delicious.

Tender is the Night: A romantic bar filled with Shea and Murumu butter and a vanilla scent.

Of the two I probably preferred the TITN bar, simply because I felt that it moisturised my skin a bit more.

But hey, if I had a partner then chocolate probably would’ve gone down a treat. I was rubbing these bad boys solo.

Thanks to my photographer Lori Hanson who had to deal with me in my underwear for this shoot, so I could “get me legs out,” and show off my pretty ferocious sock tan. Check her out on instagram @lorihph.

Make sure you pick up the Lush Massage Bars here.

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