Hey Businessman

Words by Matt Huxley

Largely being a freelancer, it’s rare that I get to dress up in “business” attire for anything other than party or event.

But with winter well and truly here, thank god, I thought It was high time I get my office-appropriate wardrobe out and prepped for the cooler months.

Let’s be real. It was just an excuse to wear this amazing coat again.

I’m a huge fan of anything military inspired, so when I bought this trench coat for a Europe trip way back in 2012, I knew I’d love it for a very long time. I’m a strong believer in investing in pieces that you want to keep for a while – like coats and jeans and shoes.

I also really like that a lot of workplaces are starting to slightly relax their office wear rules. Coloured shirts are allowed in offices, and my current favourite is this navy and white patterned one from Blaq. I decided to double the navy and use these Y.D navy pants (which are a tad too big for me, awkward). I’m pairing it with some black points and a black and white scarf that a dear friend bought for me, back for the same Europe trip coincidentally!

These pics were shot by the amazing Ant from Painted Rust, who kindly interrupted his house moving for me and drove up from the south side. Go show him love. Now. Please and thank you. Instagram: @paintedrust, Website, Facebook

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Coat – Y.D | Pants – Y.D | Shirt – Blaq | Scarf – “Vintage” | Shoes – Zu








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