Zipped Up

Words by Matt Huxley

There are very few pieces in my wardrobe that I truly love and feel ridiculously confident in. This oversize zip-side jumper from Topman is a miracle of modern craftsmanship in that it makes me look at least two sizes smaller than I actually am. Score.

It’s actually incredibly versatile too, and I’m able to dress it up or down depending on the occasion. There’s been plenty of event openings that I can’t be fucked wearing a button up shirt to, that I’ve whipped this bad boy out and rocked it.

The zips on the side of the top make it even better, there’s nothing more a gent likes than the ability to feel as though he’s undoing his fly when unzipping his jumper. All the mind fuckery.

Whilst it is too long to actually show any skin, it gives the illusion that it’s about to, which is nice.

I usually pair this with some skinny jeans, like these from Cotton On, and sick shoes like my Zu Points. But if you’ve got a better body than me, feel free to rock it naked.

This jumper was also last season, so you probs won’t find it anywhere. Soz.

Jumper – Topman | Jeans – Cotton On | Shoes – Zu









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