Oversize Realness

Words by Matt Huxley

The humble oversized tee is an item that really gives me life. Not only does it cover my multitude of lumps and bumps, but I enjoy the perplexed stare my father has when he sees me in it. I’m fairly confident that he’s trying to figure out if it is, in fact, a dress.

But I digress. The oversized tee is the perfect item to throw on over a pair of skinnies, or even a pair of short shorts if you want that slutty “no underwear” look. It’s really a good piece to pick up if – like me – you are afflicted by “athletic” thighs.

I’m classy-ish so I opted for the ubiquitous black skinnies from Cotton On. I decided to contrast it with a denim shirt from Just Jeans around my waist, my navy brogues from Zu, a couple of 8 Other Reasons layering rings, a Thread Etiquette bead strand and my Comme des Garcons leather pouch (any excuse to show off a brand name).

I also show it here rolled up at one side. Because let’s face it, asymmetry is everything.

This spread was shot by the wonderfully talented Ryan Young. You can check out more of his work here.

Can we also just appreciate how absolutely translucent I am looking? I’m blending into the van. Literally.

Tee – Topman | Denim Shirt – Just Jeans | Jeans – Cotton On | Pouch – Comme des Garcons (similar)| Shoes – Zu | Rings – 8 Other Reasons | Bracelet – Thread Etiquette















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