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Daily Exfoliation: The Benefits

By October 20, 2017 Skincare, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

Exfoliation is one of those controversial topics in skincare. How often? How rough is too rough? Liquid or physical?

Whilst I’m a huge fan of a good physical scrub every now and then, I find that for my skin a light daily exfoliant is best in order to keep it nice and clear. What this will do is just remove any excess dead skin cells and grime that have built up over the day. It’s very important that if you are going to look into daily exfoliant products however that you listen to your skin. Any sensitivity or irritation and you should back off to a couple of times a week until your skin can handle it. I’ve been using a new regime from Scout Cosmetics that’s done my skin the world of good.

Starting off, a nice exfoliating cleanser is definitely a must for me. I work in skincare so I need my face to always be looking its best (stress pimple be gone). My current fave is the Scout Cosmetics Super Fruit Exfoliating Wash off Cleanser. Using fruit extracts from Blueberry, Acai and Grape to really refresh the skin, this cleanser also smells amazing. By increasing the cell turnover through exfoliation, you’re getting the best skin that you can have; new skin cells. This all sounds super drying on the skin, but due to the aloe extract and glycerin that are included in this cleanser, it’s not too harsh. Suitable for normal to oily skin types.

Moving on to serum, the Cell Renewal Peptide Serum really amps up the cell turnover aspects of the cleanser. A product that stays on the skin is always going to be a bit more effective at what you want it to do. Green tea, Fig and Ginseng combine to deeply hydrate skin, promote collagen production and soften fine lines and wrinkles. I find that it sinks in nicely and really makes my skin feel good. Those pesky lines are starting to come and I want to stop them in their tracks!

After all this exfoliation it’s imperative that you use a really hydrating moisturiser to combat any potential dryness or sensitivity. I’ve been using the Nourish and Hydrate Moisture Defence Creme from Scout Cosmetics which has been working for me. It uses Pomegranate and Macadamia extracts to really hydrate the skin, whilst working well in conjunction with the products that we have applied before.

What do you think? Could your skin use some serious daily exfoliation? Scout Cosmetics might be a good brand for you to check out!

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Skincare Addiction Increased: Mokosh Skincare

By January 31, 2017 Skincare

Words by Matt Huxley

I am unashamedly a skincare addict. Every time I hear word of a new product launch, a new technology that’s being released or a new “miracle” product that has been discovered I actually get heart palpitations. I get more excited than at a buffet. Didn’t even think that was possible tbh.

However being a skincare addict comes with disadvantages. You’re in a permanent state of poverty, you are forced to send other people into Priceline for the basics like cotton rounds; lest you find yourself with a basket wandering the aisles, and you are required to undertake research to figure out exactly what is in the shit that you’re piling on your mug.

That’s where Mokosh Skincare comes in. I’ve been following these legends on Insta for ages, admiring their certified organic approach to skincare. Their products are made solely of ethically sourced botanical extracts, meaning that they’re fantastic for your skin. Plus they’re Aussie made. I was lucky enough to test out a few of their goodies, so you can get my thoughts below.

Facial Cleanser/Exfoliator/Mask
This Oat flour based exfoliant comes in the most epic jar tbh. Love it. It’s a gentle exfoliator that can feasibly be used daily (I found that I preferred it every second day as a scrub). I do struggle with 3 in 1’s most of the time, however I feel that this one works as all 3 pretty competently. The powder form is also cool in that you can mix it with other cleansers if you want to dilute it somewhat. It’s a versatile product.

Pure Hydrosol Toner
Ahhh I love misting toners, and this one is no different. Produced from damask rose and lemon balm, this cooling spritz is the perfect prep for moisturisers and serums. It’s really light and calming as well on the skin. My one issue? There’s not enough of it!

Raspberry and Pomegranate Beauty Serum
Whilst this is marketed as a serum, don’t be fooled, it’s a facial oil. And a damn good one at that. The blend of oils sinks effortlessly into the skin, leaving much less residue than others. I also found it to be very hydrating (obviously), but without saturating the skin. My actual favourite out of all the products I tried.

Light Face Cream
Look tbh, whilst I liked this cream, in no way in my mind is it light. On my skin at least it’s a rich blend of shea butter and oils. Having said that, it provides the utmost levels of hydration, and I have no doubt that on dry-very dry skin types this would get sucked up like ice cream in the same house as me. You get a shitload of product with this bad boy though. It’s a big jar for a face cream, and by only using the half pea sized amount that you’re instructed to, this will last for ages.

Coconut and Blackcurrant Lip Balm
A lovely, hydrating lip balm to get you through the day. It feels the same way as Lucas’ Pawpaw, but without any of the petroleum jelly. If anything, I wanted more and more blackcurrant! Can you tell that I love those sorts of scents?

Make sure you check out all the other fabulous products that Mokosh stock here!

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January Empties

By January 30, 2017 Skincare

Words by Matt Huxley

Look I get that there’s been a lot of skincare posts lately, but there’s more fashion content coming I promise! That being said, I’m doing a skincare series this year on my monthly skincare/bodycare/haircare empties. This previously was on my Youtube channel, but I’ve decided to refocus on my blog and am shifting the series over to here. You’re welcome! It’s a great way for you to see what products I’m actually using up, as well as my thoughts on them.

St Ive’s Apricot Scrub
Well I mean it’s a classic for a reason isn’t it. It’s taken me a while to get through this bad boy, and my skin’s never felt better. I’ve got a backup ready to go, that should give you enough indication of my love for it. Word of advice, don’t go in on your face with this, do a gentle scrub as the walnut shell exfoliants can micro cut your skin.

Biore Triple Action Toner
Nope. Disliked. It smelt largely of alcohol and had a drying effect on my skin. Usually I love biore products but this just didn’t do it for me.

Tresemme Styling Hairspray Extra Hold
Another product I wasn’t a fan of. I found that it was far too heavy for my hair, and clumped it together. This would probably be really good on someone with thicker hair.

Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion
A decent, plain, cream cleanser. Inoffensive and did the job. That being said, it’s not a must buy for me. But if you have sensitive skin, this is the cleanser for you.

Simple Light Moisturiser
Holy grail product. You know this, you’ll be seeing it a lot this year just so you know.

Lynx Roll On Deodorant
Look a deodorant is a deodorant, I’m a foul sweater so nothing will calm my pits. The smell was inoffensive and it did what it was supposed to do. I just overpowered it.

Lush Lord of Misrule Shower Gel

Love love love this shower gel. The smell is fantastic and the colour is phenomenal. A pity it’s a christmas product.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Another christmas product, I love snow fairy. It’s too much for some people (wimps), but a shower with this guy is a candy-scented bonanza.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Magnificent Strength Shampoo
I actually really enjoyed this shampoo! Whilst it didn’t give me loads of volume (nothing does tbh), it gave my hair a nice scent and cleansed any gel residue out of it thoroughly without stripping it. Would repurchase. Plus that bottle is ROSE GOLD. Dying.

Palmolive Black Orchid Shower Gel
I really enjoy this shower gel hey. It’s cheap and foams up an extraordinary amount. And whilst I’m aware that’s probably due to chemicals, it smells good so I don’t really care.

Buy Sigma Brushes here.

Don’t forget you can get 10% off all ApoteKah products using the code MATTH10.

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Resurfacing Isn’t A Bad Word – Ft. Alpha-H

By August 7, 2016 Words

Words by Matt Huxley

Resurfacing is such a harsh, visceral word. Especially when applied to skin, exfoliating, refreshing and toning are far more subtle. But I dislike subtle. If you’re going to exfoliate, I want a whole damn new layer of skin.

That’s where Alpha-H comes in. This stunningly packaged brand is purposely designed with resurfacing your skin in mind. Resurfacing, or exfoliation in skincare parlance is designed to increase cell turnover, refreshing your skin and increasing collagen output. Collagen is the shit that makes your skin plumper and nicer.

Alpha H’s Liquid Gold is a resurfacing liquid exfoliant that has achieved cult status, beloved by users around the world and winning multiple awards. The active ingredient is Glycolic acid, which has the ability to increase hydration, exfoliate and reduce pigmentation. Win.

DSC01258 copy

Testing out the Liquid Gold for the first time, I was blown away. I use it like a toner when I can’t be assed to use a physical exfoliant and it’s lovely. It’s definitely a good one to add in to your weekly routine.

The Triple Action Cleanser is another good one. It’s a similar consistency and texture to the familiar Cetaphil cleanser. It doesn’t foam up a ridiculous amount, it just goes in there and does the job. Removes makeup and grime without leaving your skin feeling tight or with that annoying “squeaky” feeling which always does my head in.

Finally the Micro-Cleanse Super Scrub is another fantastic exfoliation alternative. For those of you who prefer a light physical exfoliant, this is definitely one for you. It gives a nice, even exfoliation without being too harsh.

Make sure you check out Alpha-H online here.

Buy Sigma Brushes here.

Don’t forget you can get 10% off all ApoteKah products using the code MATTH10.

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Let’s Talk: ApoteKah

By April 22, 2016 Words

Words by Matt Huxley

If you didn’t know already, there’s a brand new player in the Aussie skincare game, and damn are they making a splash. I’m obvs referring to the cool cats at ApoteKah. This Melbourne company started by two entrepreneurial pharmacists has already captivated my heart and provide all that my minimalist aesthetically inclined heart desires.

DSC01318 copy

Their products contain no nasties and they get the job done. Without breaking the bank. I had the opportunity to test out a few of their products (you can check out the full range here). I also have a discount code for you amazing readers, so use MATTH10 on checkout to get 10% off their entire range.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on ApoteKah:

DSC01313 copy

Facial Treatment Oil: This is amazing. Being a combo of several different oils, this power pack gives your skin all the hydration and moisture it needs. If you get just one thing, make it this bad boy. You won’t regret it.

DSC01312 copy

Active Hydrating Toner:

I love me a good toner, and this one is no exception. It’s super soothing with a nice cucumber-y scent. Perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Red Purifying Cleanser:

This cleanser is legitimately red (and no it doesn’t dye your face). This both unnerves and fascinates me. But it does the job, and that’s all I ask of it. This is not a foaming cleanser – which I do usually reach for. It’s a very pleasant gel consistency and definitely removes all the dirt from the face.

DSC01316 copy

Active Hydrating Gel:

I’m not usually a fan of a gel moisturiser to be honest, I don’t always get the best reaction from them. This one is very pleasant and soothing – perfect for Summer. I did enjoy this, and it was a lifesaver when I had a chemical burn (cheers Natio).

DSC01314 copy

Original Face Cream:

Another bomb product. This is a fantastic everyday moisturiser for those of you with combination or dry skin. It hydrates nicely, doesn’t cause pimples, isn’t overly perfumed, it just does what it’s on your mug to do. Hydrate.


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How To Make Skincare

By March 28, 2016 Words

Words by Matt Huxley

I am unashamedly lazy when it comes to certain things… getting out of bed… washing my face daily and actually making sure that I’m not in imminent danger of running out of contact lenses.

So when Andrea from Eatnik and I decided to collab to make some homemade skincare, I was dubious. I don’t have the time (or money) to create a full on range (yet), but when Andrea said we could do several items just from things she had in her house, I was intrigued.

We ended up deciding to make three skincare items from scratch. Head on over to Andrea’s blog for the actual recipes and over to my Youtube to watch the BTS of us creating. Or keep reading to see my views on what we made!

Cinnamon Lip Scrub

IMG_5322 copy

I love me a good lip scrub. They work incredibly well to make your lips soft and supple, perfect for right before applying lip balm or lipstick (if that’s yo jam). I was pleasantly surprised with how well this turned out. The sugar used was relatively fine, meaning that it wasn’t painful or harsh to use and the addition of the coconut oil means that you were moisturising as you went so to speak. Scrub, balm and tasty treat all in one? I’m sold.

Avocado and Honey Face Mask

IMG_5335 copy

Avocado face masks are always a good go-to if you can find them. They manage to moisturise and smooth your skin all at the same time. With this mask we made the decision to add yogurt to it, which probably wasn’t the best decision looking back as it made it less moisturising than I would’ve liked. The lactic acids in the yogurt acted as an exfoliant. Whilst it wasn’t overly harsh, and in fact my skin looked very clear after use, we were aiming for something a bit more moisturising. So this is definitely a good mask if you want something that’s going to refine and smooth your skin a lot more.

Cucumber, Green Tea and Mint Face Spritz

IMG_5362 copy

Face spritzes are a bit of a fad trend in skincare of late, but there’s no denying that they do play their part in facial maintenance. This one is very refreshing and soothing, perfect for spraying before moisturiser, spritzing over makeup and cooling your face throughout the day. I love a good face mist, and this one definitely is super easy to make. The steeped cucumber, tea and mint add various minerals and nutrients into the water that are beneficial for the skin. This is just an all-round good spritz to keep on hand.

Make sure you check out Andrea’s post here! And follow her on insta here.

Buy Sigma Brushes here.

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IMG_5366 copy

IMG_5312 copy

IMG_5341 copy

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How To Get Clear Skin

By November 27, 2015 Words

Words by Matt Huxley

Without a doubt, the most question I get asked is “how do I get flawless skin.” Why they’re asking me I have no idea, because my skin, whilst good, is not flawless! In any case, there are several tricks up my sleeve that I use to keep my skin in tip top condition. And you know what? I might just share a few with you in this post. Aren’t I good!

DSC00271 copy

1.Listen to your skin

This is probably the weirdest thing to start off on. But it’s something that not enough people do. You need to really listen to what your skin is telling you. Is it dry? Perhaps you should add a facial oil to your moisturiser. Flaking? A light exfoliation and then a rich moisturiser. Pimply? A benzac peroxide cream to act as a spot treatment. Oily? A regular cleanse. And so on. I see so many people sticking religiously to the same thing over and over again and wondering why their skin doesn’t improve. Because you aren’t treating what the problem is!

DSC00263 copy

2. Eat your vegetables

It really is true. Lots of healthy vegetables will really nourish your skin from the inside out. Try a green smoothie. Or if that’s too hectic for you, I’ve found a really good superfood powder that I’m testing out. It may taste like fish food, but I’m sure it’s doing my complexion wonders!

DSC00262 copy

3. Take off your makeup

I mean duh. Your skin can’t breath with a cake face. Breathing = oxygen. Oxygen = life. Life = bright and refreshed. Get it?

DSC00266 copy

4. Mask it

If you need a bit of extra oomph in your skincare routine, try adding a mask every now and then. Both sheet and clay masks are great, but if you’ve got very dry skin I would stay WELL away from a clay mask as it’ll just dry you out further.

DSC00270 copy

5. Drink all the fluids!

Water, water, water. Drinking lots of water helps to flush out toxins in all your organs, as well as your skin. If you struggle with plain water, try adding lemon, raspberries or cucumber to it to give it a bit of taste.

DSC00267 copy

Well there you have it! These are just some of the tips that I’ve found really help my skin look the best it can. In the photos you can see some of my favourite products that correspond to the tips I’ve included.

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Lush Christmas Haul

By November 17, 2015 Words

Words by Matt Huxley

Ah Lush… you goddess of skincare. You’re everything that I could possibly ever want in a skincare brand (if you made Rose Jam all year round, kthnxbye).

I got my greedy little hands on a bunch of the new Lush Christmas range, and I thought I’d be presumptuous and give you my thoughts on it. Because what else are blogs for?

DSC00315 copy

Santa’s Lip Scrub: This is a cola flavoured lip scrub, so that automatically just appeals to me. I really like this. It’s not too rough at all, and exfoliates the lips really well. It’s also not an overly sickly cola taste which some artificial cola flavourings can be like. Really nice product. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Do be careful though, as the red colouring can slightly stain your fingers, but if you thoroughly wash them you should be right!

The Magic of Christmas Fun: I’ve never been a huge fan of fun tbh. I just think that other products from Lush do the jobs that Fun does better. So yeah. This is a good one for the kids though.

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream: I love this! The scent of this is so phenomenal. I can’t describe it. Like patchouli but not ridiculously strong. It’s just epic. My only criticism is, being a cream, it obviously doesn’t foam as much as I would like. So I’ll have to look for a gel version. But it’s very moisturising and definitely cleans me up nicely haha.

DSC00312 copy

Cinders Bath Bomb: If you love spicy scents, this one is for you! Smelling like cinnamon and all things Christmassy and good, this bomb will turn your bath a pale yellow colour. It gives off a strong scent and the popping candy make it that little bit more exciting.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb: This bath bomb is bae. You all know that! I love it. I love the scent, I love the turquoise colour it turns my bath. It’s amazing.

DSC00313 copy

Fairy Dust: I didn’t know how into this body dust I would be to be quite honest. I’m a bit dubious of anything that could make me too glowy, especially a product designed for the body. But this is actually quite subtle. It would work very nicely if you’re going clubbing and want a candy smelling glow. Alternatively it also works quite nicely as a face highlighter. But be careful not to get too much. Use sparingly as it’s pink and could potentially go quite blush like if you pack it on.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: Speaking of candy sweet, this is the king (or queen?) of sweet smelling products. Snow fairy is legendary and deserves its reputation. If you don’t like sweet scents stay away. Just saying.

DSC00316 copy

Snow Angel Bath Melt: I’ve used this previously and really wasn’t too much of a fan of it to be honest. I found it really grainy and it didn’t dissolve properly. Well that one must have been defective, because this one worked perfectly. It slowly melted away into a beautiful moisturising bath. Really enjoyed it.

Rose Jam Shower Gel: Ah bae. You are everything. That is all.

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DSC00311 copy

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What You Need This Summer

By October 9, 2015 Words

Words by Matt Huxley

I don’t really summer. But when I do I make sure that I have an excessive amount of supplies to get myself through it.

I think summer tends to mean different things to different people. For most Australians it is an excuse to get out, get some sun, play sport (ugh) and become nut brown. Whilst for me, it’s stay indoors, don’t get burnt and try and survive until the cooler months roll around again. Having said that I can’t be naive about the sun, and sometimes I have been known to lie on a beach. So here are my essentials for getting through the summer months.

First things first. Skincare. I’m very conscious of my skin, so I need to use a sunscreen whenever I am heading out into the sun. The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen in 50+ is my personal fave. It’s a light consistency and blends seamlessly into the skin so you don’t get that horrible greasy feeling all over yourself. It literally feels like a moisturiser going in. I love it! I also protect my lips by using the Blistex Lip Conditioner in 15+. I love this lip balm, it definitely delivers a nice deep condition to my lips without making them look too glossy. My pack came with this handy 5 Way Lip Protection stick which is in 30+. That’s great for those people who aren’t a fan of pot lip balms. Speaking of those, I recently picked up this Revo egg Lip Balm in Coconut, and it’s my new fave. I’m OBSESSED!

In summer you’re likely to spend a lot of time tanning by the pool. So other than the obligatory magazine, notebook and book (I’m about to read Holding The Man – so keen!), you also need some products to protect yourself after the sun! My body dream team is currently The Body Shop’s Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil and the Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream. Both sink into the skin providing deep moisture and rejuvenating your skin after a heavy tan sesh. To get all the sunscreen, oils and makeup off your face, I’m currently loving the Sukin Detoxifying Scrub. It’s gentle, but yet has enough grit in it that you know it’s doing the job. I’ve lately been following that up with the Byphasse Night Cream. Mid pool sesh, I love a spritz of the Avene Thermal Spring Water. It contains nutrients and minerals to help your skin revitalise – it’s not just literally water in a can. That would be dumb…

DSC00261 copy

Now that your skincare is on point, you need to hide that sweat and oil! My fave powder of all time is the Maybelline Matte Maker powder. It’s beautiful (and so cheap!). Summer is the time where you can go all out with highlighter and contours. Currently I’m using the It Cosmetics Vitality Brightening Anti-Ageing Face Disk (what a mouthful). This has 3 great shades, particularly for someone of my skin tone. I personally love the highlighter, it isn’t glittery at all, instead it provides a beautiful sheen to the skin. Very wearable. The bronzer is matte and the blush is a subtle peachy shade. Highly recommend. I’ve been applying all those powders with my Sigma Fan Brush and the Real Techniques Setting Brush.

A splash of my favourite summer scent – L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Sport, a few rings (Michael Hill, Joshua Hall and Cotton On) and a spray of Hairspray – V05 Volume and Lift Hairspray – and you’re good to go!

What are your summer essentials? Let me know down in the comments!

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My Top 5 Cleansers

By September 19, 2015 Words

Words by Matt Huxley

One of the most fundamental aspects of cleaning your face is cleansing. It’s the initial step. The one that removes all the makeup, oils, sweat, dirt, and other crap that builds up during your life on your face.

I probably don’t cleanse as much as I should. I find that my skin reacts better if I use a toner or a face wipe daily and then a cleanser as I need it. But if you wear heavy makeup every day, or were outside for long periods of time, for example, I would strongly suggest cleansing daily. It allows your skin to breathe and replenish itself, leaving you with clearer, more beautiful skin.

What are my favourite cleansers? I’m glad you asked. Here they are.

DSC00239 copy

5. Simple Skincare Cleansing Lotion

This is quite a good cream cleanser. I find that it generally works best on pre-cleansed skin, or skin without any makeup on. I generally prefer a foaming cleanser to any cream cleanser, which is why this one is so low.

DSC00242 copy

4. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Cleanser

This is a really nice foaming cleanser. It works up into a lather easily and it doesn’t have too many nasties in it. The one issue I have with it is that it can sometimes be a little harsh on my skin. Therefore I only use it when my skin really needs a stronger clean.

DSC00240 copy

3. Ole Henriksen Melting Cleanser

I love me a jelly cleanser, and this is the best I’ve encountered. Rub it on your face, makeup an all, then wipe it over with water. The cleanser will turn to a milk and takes off all the crap without being drying or harsh. I really enjoy this product.

DSC00241 copy

2. Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

This is the first charcoal cleanser that I’ve used, and It’s really good. It doesn’t foam up much but it gives the skin a really nice deep clean. It’s not harsh and I think that it’d be suitable for all skin types.

DSC00238 copy

1. Garnier Anti Shine Cleansing Gel

A beautiful foaming cleanser, this is my favourite out of the products I currently own. It’s not my overall fave – that would be the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. But this is a very good dupe for it. It foams up incredibly easily, takes off the grime, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and flawless. Plus it’s super affordable. Win.

DSC00237 copy

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I only use Sigma Brushes, check them out here.

Was your favourite cleanser included? Let me know in the comments below!


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