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All Black, Always

By December 18, 2017 Style

Words by Matt Huxley

Well, well. Long time no see blog. So where have I been? Taking some time out for me? Somewhat, but at least now I have a masters degree (and a few extra kilos courtesy of stress eating central). But more than just being hectically busy, I’ve been a bit disillusioned with the entire industry. Nearly everyone having fake followers (I guarantee you at least one of your fave instagrammers/bloggers/youtubers has bought), peasants thinking they can start a Wix site and that they’re a fully fledged fashion blogger, people without credentials or writing experience managing to get into fashion week, as well as the general favouritism that is the entire Brisbane fashion scene. The pressure and guilt that assaults you when you don’t post weekly, when your content isn’t up to your standards, or even when you’re unable to shoot just got a bit much. Not that it’s an excuse. But frankly this is my blog and I can take a break when I want to.

That being said, I am going back to my usual grinchy self (in complete reversal to my cheery xmas retail life) and wearing my usual uniform of all black.

Some people say that all black is safe. That it’s expected. I read a blog post today that made me chuckle. It said that black is a haven, it’s acceptable. My response, you’re simply not doing it correctly. Black is powerful. It’s edgy. Whilst it can camouflage you, it can also make you stand out. In a world of peasants in millennial pink and summery florals, black emerges as a vampiric beacon of hope. An antidote to the perverse positivity that is so ubiquitous in the middle of the Australian summer.

All black brings to mind Francophone style, funeral chic, Carine Roitfeld, Vera Wang, as well as every retail uniform known to humankind. And frankly I enjoy it. Once at fashion week, my friend Ali and I were invited to a last minute soiree, “what should I wear?” I panic screamed at her, “all fucking black always” was her frantic reply. And so the title of this post was born.

Coat – Boohoo | Chain – Joshua Halls | Gloves – eBay | Jeans and Shoes – Asos

This look was shot by Ali Gordon, make sure you go check her out on Instagram @modestoblog or on Modesto Blog.

Don’t forget to get manly with the guys over at Native Man Skincare, MATT10 at the checkout will get you 10% off the entire range.

Make sure you stock up on all of your Karinda Skincare goodies here. You can get 25% off the entire range with my code MATT30.

Buy Sigma Brushes here.
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Daily Exfoliation: The Benefits

By October 20, 2017 Skincare, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

Exfoliation is one of those controversial topics in skincare. How often? How rough is too rough? Liquid or physical?

Whilst I’m a huge fan of a good physical scrub every now and then, I find that for my skin a light daily exfoliant is best in order to keep it nice and clear. What this will do is just remove any excess dead skin cells and grime that have built up over the day. It’s very important that if you are going to look into daily exfoliant products however that you listen to your skin. Any sensitivity or irritation and you should back off to a couple of times a week until your skin can handle it. I’ve been using a new regime from Scout Cosmetics that’s done my skin the world of good.

Starting off, a nice exfoliating cleanser is definitely a must for me. I work in skincare so I need my face to always be looking its best (stress pimple be gone). My current fave is the Scout Cosmetics Super Fruit Exfoliating Wash off Cleanser. Using fruit extracts from Blueberry, Acai and Grape to really refresh the skin, this cleanser also smells amazing. By increasing the cell turnover through exfoliation, you’re getting the best skin that you can have; new skin cells. This all sounds super drying on the skin, but due to the aloe extract and glycerin that are included in this cleanser, it’s not too harsh. Suitable for normal to oily skin types.

Moving on to serum, the Cell Renewal Peptide Serum really amps up the cell turnover aspects of the cleanser. A product that stays on the skin is always going to be a bit more effective at what you want it to do. Green tea, Fig and Ginseng combine to deeply hydrate skin, promote collagen production and soften fine lines and wrinkles. I find that it sinks in nicely and really makes my skin feel good. Those pesky lines are starting to come and I want to stop them in their tracks!

After all this exfoliation it’s imperative that you use a really hydrating moisturiser to combat any potential dryness or sensitivity. I’ve been using the Nourish and Hydrate Moisture Defence Creme from Scout Cosmetics which has been working for me. It uses Pomegranate and Macadamia extracts to really hydrate the skin, whilst working well in conjunction with the products that we have applied before.

What do you think? Could your skin use some serious daily exfoliation? Scout Cosmetics might be a good brand for you to check out!

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An Easy Morning Skincare Routine

By September 19, 2017 Skincare

Words by Matt Huxley

I am under no illusions that most people are not quite as extra with their skincare as I am. I do genuinely see a need for 4-5 cleansers on the go at one time. I am informed however that the majority of people are not like this. Frankly it’s weird.

So I decided to look at putting together a short, quick skincare routine that’s going to make you look and feel amazing, but also take the shortest amount of time possible whilst delivering the biggest bang. I mean, coffee is waiting for us, am I right?!

So lets start in the shower. You should always shower in the morning you unclean peasants. The Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser has Avocado Oil and Marigold extract in order to gently remove any dirt and grime from the night. Considering how much the human body sweats during the night, this is an essential step to ensure that your skin looks fresh and new in the morning. The cream formula means that it’s not going to be stripping or drying in any way.

Twice a week or so, you should add in an exfoliant. This is to remove the excess dead skin cells that clog our pores, prevent our serums and moisturisers from getting where they need to go and make our skin dull. The Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator uses Avocado and Jojoba Oil plus Carrot Seed Extract to produce a really refreshing scrub. It’s very fine and refining. I’d call it more a polish to be honest. It leaves your skin super fresh and bright.

The step that most people seem to skip is the serum. What they don’t understand is that a serum is the primary treatment product of your skincare routine and shouldn’t be skipped at all. This is the product to invest in! I’m always on the hunt for brightening serums to even out pigmentation on my face (the pale life tho), and the Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum is a definite winner. This artesian water-based serum also contains Black Fern, Grape and Kiwi extracts to brighten up the skin and boost cell renewal.

Finishing off the routine is the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream. Whilst this is a day cream, I’d also maintain that it can be doubled up for night as well, as it’s quite hydrating. Containing Grape and Mandarin extracts with Rosehip Oil, it makes the perfect base for makeup as well.

What do you think? Is this a skincare routine that you could see yourself following? Let me know on my social media or the comments below!

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By September 3, 2017 Style

Words by Matt Huxley

Fearlessness is a quality oft sought-after but very infrequently is it possessed by an individual. We are now in a time where some of us live our lives dictated by fear. I for one, have never been one to worry about things outside of my control, or of other people’s opinions.

This crosses over into the fashion world as well. Being a person who possesses what some might call a “weird,” “quirky” or “androgynous” sense of style, you get used to being stared at. I’ve been stared at, shouted at, and had the worst putdowns you can imagine yelled at me. Does it phase me? Briefly yes, but you just have to move on and know that you’re fucking fabulous, even if the rest of the population haven’t quite caught up yet.

People fear what they can’t define. Transgression, liminality, androgyny. All of these concepts people fear, because it’s not what they’re used to. They’re used to people in a stained hoodie and thongs. They aren’t used to corset belts, chokers, fishnets, high fashion. Especially not on a mildly pudgy 6’2 man with highlight.

So I encourage you, be fearless. Whether you’re nervous about travel, what you’re wearing, or even just an exam. Be fearless and slay that fucker.

This look was shot by Ali Gordon, make sure you go check her out on Instagram @modestoblog or on Modesto Blog.

Don’t forget to get manly with the guys over at Native Man Skincare, MATT10 at the checkout will get you 10% off the entire range.

Make sure you stock up on all of your Karinda Skincare goodies here. You can get 25% off the entire range with my code MATT30.

Buy Sigma Brushes here.
Of course you need to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @infirmofpurpose, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Lookbook.

Shirt – Fabrixquare | Jeans, Corset Belt, Shoes, Fishnet Socks – Asos | Choker – Lovisa | Rings – Joshua Hall

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Why Relaxed Attire can be the Most Rewarding

By July 7, 2017 Style

Words by Matt Huxley

Deliberately understated, carefree attire can sometimes be the most impactful clothing statement. You aren’t dressed to kill, you aren’t extra, you’re just unapologetically you.

Now whilst some people may take relaxed clothing to mean slobby, “comfortable,” or *shiver* a tracksuit, I for one don’t want to look like an extra in a John Waters film. No, by relaxed I mean carefree, artlessly disheveled if you will. The perfect visualisation of “model off duty.”

The crisp white button-up has certainly been making the street style rounds lately. But this truly is a classic piece that works with any type of look. I agree that the white shirt worn casually can get a little too romance movie 101, so I’ve created a point of difference here by unfurling the french cuffs into an insouciant masterpiece that Anna Quan would be proud of.

I’ve teamed this with a pair of cropped statement jeans, sans shoes and socks for maximum comfort, and I’m surrounded by my favourite things: magazines, books and coffee. My highlight is popping (MAC Lightscapade ftw) and I’m ready for a day of doing absolutely nothing.

This look was shot by Ali Gordon, make sure you go check her out on Instagram @modestoblog or on Modesto Blog.

Buy Sigma Brushes here.

Of course you need to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @infirmofpurpose, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Lookbook.</

Shirt and Jeans – Asos | Rings – Joshua Hall

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Get The British Look

By June 16, 2017 Style

Words by Matt Huxley

In the olden days, Blackfriars was a salacious district of London. Prostitutes abounded and Shakespeare’s Globe was almost directly across the river. The area was a derelict hub of creativity, poverty and uniqueness. Today the area features Victorian architecture and is the setting for the film and TV versions of Sherlock Holmes and David Copperfield.

So when I happened across Blackfriars Lane in Sydney and I got the same Victorian British vibes, I knew that ti had to shoot a British-themed look there.

I’ve updated it somewhat – Victorian steampunk isn’t exactly in my repertoire – so it’s a modern take on British fashion. Naturally I’ve included the ubiquitous trench coat. This version is a wrap tie one in a thick wool. Obviously it’s completely impractical for Brisbane, but fuck it, it’s pretty.

I’ve also drawn inspiration from Anna Quan and the oversized cuff trend that’s dominating women’s fashion at the moment. By unrolling (and ironing the wrinkle out) your french cuffs you can achieve a similar look that’s still masculine. Plus I really love the crispness that a fresh white shirt adds to a look.

Topping off the ensemble with cropped, distressed jeans and cuban heel boots, I’m ready to tackle the London rain. Like not really cos these boots are suede, but ya get the gist.

Sidenote. Guys, invest in a good pair of cuban heeled boots. They add so much height, they make your legs look better, and they just elevate your outfit so much. It’s actually insane how much I love these.

What do you think of this outfit? Did I get tha lundun look?

This look was shot by Ali Gordon, make sure you go check her out on Instagram @modestoblog or on Modesto Blog.

Buy Sigma Brushes here.

Of course you need to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @infirmofpurpose, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Lookbook.

Coat – Topman | Shirt – Asos | Jeans – Asos | Shoes – Asos (similar)




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The Best Skin: Korean Skincare with Style Story

By June 5, 2017 Skincare

Words by Matt Huxley

Unless you’ve been living under an Uluru-sized skincare rock, you will know about the amazing products that Korean beauty brands have been bringing out. Pioneers and innovators in the skincare world, Korean brands are responsible for some of the beauty innovations that we now take for granted (cushion foundation, peel exfoliators, essence lotions anyone?).

I first stumbled across Korean skincare a few years ago when it blew up across the youtube skincare world. Then a fortuitously-timed trip to India meant that I could pick up some basics in the asian airport boutiques (I think there’s a sneaky haul vid on the internet somewhere). But after that I had no idea how to explore more of this world.

Well now Aussie skincare enthusiasts (aka me) can get their Korean beauty fix with Style Story. Founded in 2013, this entrepreneurial brand lets you pick and choose the products most suited for your skin, for your own skincare style story.

I tested out a few of Style Story’s most popular products and have provided my observations below for you.

Benton Fermentation Essence: I mean firstly isn’t this the most perfectly minimal packaging ever? This brightening essence has a high concentration of Galctomyces Ferment Filtrate – basically a type of yeast. This works to really even out tone and texture and brighten up the skin. An essence is an uber light lotion that sinks immediately into the skin, sinks to a very low level in the skin and really works at the dermal level. Definitely a fan of this product, it’s great for lots of light layers to build up that hydration. Plus it’s at an affordable price point so I definitely see this bad boy being a regular in my skincare cupboard.

Vlancvere Power VC15 Ample: FYI ample means serum. This Vitamin C serum has 15% strength – the best amount for your skin to reduce irritation and provide the brightening benefits that Vit C is known for. The consistency for me is a cross between an essence and an oil. Meaning that it sinks in quickly but there’s a slight tackiness with it (totally fine for me!). The other key ingredient in this bad boy is Ferulic Acid. This helps to really reduce any melanin in the skin (the pigment that causes dark spots). Meaning that anyone with blotchy or pigmented skin can use this to assist in decreasing them. Serums are really like the middle child of skincare; always there, but never truly appreciated. Serums are actually the powerhouses of your regime, and the ones that will have the greatest affect on you. So invest wisely and do your research. If you need brightening, this one is for you!

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream: Oh. My. God. I can’t even physically deal at how much I love this product. I am shook officially. Containing 92% snail mucin (the mucous that repairs a snail’s skin as it crawls) this bad boy really works to rehydrate, refine and protect the skin. Encouraging cell turnover is always a good thing as it enables the collagen production of the skin to increase (hence meaning that your skin looks young and fresh), and this bad boy does this. I woke up looking like a baby’s butt. Shook I tell you.

Simply When Snow Song Mask + Leaders Insolution Melatox Skin Mask: I must confess, whilst I enjoy sheet masks, I’ve never really made the time to integrate them (or any mask for that matter) into my routine. I am unfortunately one of those people with whom they just slide straight off unless I’m horizontal so I always make the too busy excuse. Testing these out gave me a perfect opportunity to stop all that Master’s work and really take 10-15 mins out to really rehydrate my skin after spending all day in the library air con. Both were highly enjoyable and certainly revitalised my skin. Definitely recommend picking a few up to force yourself to take a breather!

Make sure you pick up some of the amazing products at Style Story here.

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Next Gen Resort ’18 Review

By May 17, 2017 Style

Words by Matt Huxley

Next Gen is always a mixed kettle of fish. On one hand you have the opportunity to discover the future faces of the Australian fashion industry, on the other hand you also get to see the result of overconfidence and ambition. Whilst none of the designers in today’s showcase truly flopped, there were definite hits and misses.


Hands down, best show of the bunch. This was a fully realised, fully conceptualised showing. The designer made excellent use of tailoring in order to deliver a collection that was wearable, yet inspired. The intricate splicing use of sheer, leather and sequins was clever, the use of corset belts to cinch in the models’ waists was smart, and a pair of chiffon flairs with a doubled up hem were artistic genius embodied in a flowy af pair of pants.




Stephanie Henly

Another showing that I strongly enjoyed. An edgy collection, the use of ruched up sheer fabric to create coats and jackets was fantastic, as was the Margiela-esque mask paired with a extended cream gown and matching gauntlet globes. Whilst the inclusion of tassels was really nothing knew, it added to the garments, instead of being the primary focus of them. This type of restraint will surely serve Henly well in future showings.




Sarah Hope Schofield

A collection of Gaga inspired cowgirl hats and Comme des Garcons like felt squares, the Sarah Hope Schofield regrettably had more misses than hits for me. I applauded the extended seam pants which were both unique and creatively wearable. An extravagant larger than life polkadot bustier was also inspired.




Meredith Bullen

Think Tibetan Yak farmer meets Deadliest Catch and you’ll get the gist for this show. it wasn’t a total miss for me, and the collection was clearly inspired and quite well crafted, however for me it was a case of too much. There was too much fur, too much rope and just too much of everything. An oversize jumper with extended cuffs and rope detailing was a standout piece for me. Good concepts, but just needed a tad more restraint and refining.




Victoria Bliss

For me this was the epitome of farmer chic. Believe it or not that’s not a criticism. Think rock patterned bustiers and corsets layered over stark white shirting. Woven hats and hands filled with barley strands. Tartan and gingham galore. Brilliant crafting. One of them was a real throwback to Gisele Bundchen in the 2006 VS Show. Such vibes. Let’s also spare a thought to the model who fell. Girl, ya got up and owned the entire rest of the runway, don’t beat yourself up. Props to you.




Isabelle Quinn

I’m honestly in two minds about this show. There were specific pieces I loved, but the overall star motif gave me a distinct Americana vibe that I just wasn’t vibin (such pun). A pair of capri length flute flair pants were completely and utterly brilliant. As was a bustier/cream shirting combo. But the stars emblazoned onto leather and sheer were just a tad too much. Crafting however was impeccable.





Images provided by Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Of course you need to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @infirmofpurpose, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Lookbook.

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April Empties

By May 14, 2017 Skincare

Words by Matt Huxley

Let’s go through my trash:

Stefan Shave Oil: Phenomenal, loved every second of using it. It has this effect of clumping up your beardsy bristles so that they’re easier to remove. Great product.

Lush Snow Fairy: Made me smell like a candy scented goddess so what’s not to love?

Bathox Rose and Jasmine Shower Gel: I have bought this quite a number of times now and I always enjoy it. Grab this bad boy from chemist warehouse.

EOS Lip Balm: This was the vanilla mint scent and it was really enjoyable. These are really difficult to find however, so almost not worth the trouble?

Planet Earth Body Lotion: Bought this from Target years ago and it’s just hung on in my cupboard. Bit meh tbh.

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hairspray: Like me, a bit iconic.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream: I know this is a cult fave, but I don’t rate it tbh.

Garnier Cleansing Milk: I enjoy a good cream cleanser, and this one was no different. I probably wouldn’t buy it again but if you have very sensitive or dry skin it would be a good option.

Moogoo Milk Wash: Possibly the first Moogoo product i’ve used that I haven’t loved.

Lush Mint Julep Lip Scrub: Nice and minty fresh, but seriously just use some caster suger and coconut oil, it’s the same thing.

Indeed Exfoliator: This is a bit of knock off of the Dermalogica Microfoliant. Probably a little less successful than that product if I’m being super critical, but it’s decent.

Savvy Primer: Whilst this may not have done wonders for my skin, it was great for just providing products a base to stick to. And realistically, isn’t that we want them to do?

The Body Shop Facial Oil: Holy shit, this is the best facial oil I’ve ever used. Trust me, try it. You will be blown away.

So Fresh Wipes: I enjoy a moist wipe, and these stay moist. What more can you ask for.


And because I’m lazy, y’all missed out on my March empties, here they are below. Let’s just call this my speed review.

Swisse Cotton Rounds – Did the job

Nivea Makeup Remover -Absolutely awful

Natures Organics Blueberry and Coconut Shampoo – Already have another

Nivea Refreshing Toner – Good

Cream Cleanser – Ugh.

Simple Light Moisturiser – Classic

Schwarzkopf Strong Hairspray – Great

The Body Shop Spiced Apple Hand Cream – My everything

Vitaman Shampoo – Great

Nak Shampoo – Good

The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion – Phenomenal

The Body Shop Maca Root Scrub – Don’t rate it

Calvin Klein Eternity – Ok

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Review: Rosehip Plus

By April 21, 2017 Skincare

Words by Matt Huxley

Rosehip Plus is one of those ubiquitous brands in the bathroom closets of the world. Chances are you heard some new age genie sprouting the benefits of Rosehip oil and happened upon this reliable brand in Chemist Warehouse.

Well. Rosehip Plus is so much more than that little brown bottle of oil that lingers for months in your cabinet. Whilst its oil is undeniably amazing – in fact I featured it in my favourite Facial Oils post – it has an entire range of skincare products containing Rosehip oil.

Cream Cleanser: I’ve used many a cream cleanser in my time, and this is surely one of the best. It’s a very hydrating formulation suitable for sensitive skin that leaves the skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and clean without having that squeaky feeling that I so detest.

Day Cream: While I probably wouldn’t use this as a day cream – the formulation is just that tad too rich for me for during the day – it’s great as a night cream during the summer. Good for those times where you need a bit of hydration, but without your face looking like an oil slick.

Night Cream: Love the pump action of this bottle for a start. The product is good and noticeably more rich than the day cream. I definitely would want this for winter, with a drop or two of the oil mixed in.

Roll on: When I first saw this I idiotically thought it was an eye roll on. Like duh Matt oil won’t sink in around your eyeballs. This is a great spot treatment for those skin areas where you need a hit of hydration – around the nose and the lips for example.

Of course you need to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @infirmofpurpose, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Lookbook.

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