Infirm of Purpose

Zhivago Resort ’18 Review

By On May 16, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley It’s really no secret that I have a deep, undying love for all things Zhivago. The edginess, the fact that the creations are inspired, and the fact that… Read More


Steven Khalil Resort ’18 Review

By On May 15, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley Do you remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestley is at James Holt’s atelier and purses her lips at the catastrophic dress that he… Read More


April Empties

By On May 14, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley Let’s go through my trash: Stefan Shave Oil: Phenomenal, loved every second of using it. It has this effect of clumping up your beardsy bristles so that they’re… Read More


Fashion Bravery

By On May 3, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley The Met Gala is something that i look forward to each year. It’s a place where creativity and high fashion can be showcased on the highest people in… Read More


Review: Rosehip Plus

By On April 21, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley Rosehip Plus is one of those ubiquitous brands in the bathroom closets of the world. Chances are you heard some new age genie sprouting the benefits of Rosehip… Read More


The New Coat

By On April 13, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley A new coat length has been in the works for a while now. The longline duster coat hit womenswear a season ago and it’s crossed over to menswear… Read More


The Male Makeup Conundrum

By On April 4, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley Firstly yes it’s been a while. Secondly I’m not sorry. I feel like lately the whole “should men wear makeup” issue has been back on everyones lips. With… Read More



By On March 10, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley I feel like it’s no secret that I’m attracted to the darker style of things. A shaded corner, the colour black, notions of vampires, ripped clothing and gunmetal.… Read More


February Empties

By On March 1, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley February for me was a month of trying to clear some of the clutter from my bathroom cabinets. As a natural hoarder you can imagine the pain that… Read More


Classing It Up In Summer

By On February 19, 2017

Words by Matt Huxley I am unashamedly a child of cold weather. I would like nothing more than for Brisbane to be swept up in an ice storm and to layer up… Read More