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Daily Exfoliation: The Benefits

By October 20, 2017 Skincare, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

Exfoliation is one of those controversial topics in skincare. How often? How rough is too rough? Liquid or physical?

Whilst I’m a huge fan of a good physical scrub every now and then, I find that for my skin a light daily exfoliant is best in order to keep it nice and clear. What this will do is just remove any excess dead skin cells and grime that have built up over the day. It’s very important that if you are going to look into daily exfoliant products however that you listen to your skin. Any sensitivity or irritation and you should back off to a couple of times a week until your skin can handle it. I’ve been using a new regime from Scout Cosmetics that’s done my skin the world of good.

Starting off, a nice exfoliating cleanser is definitely a must for me. I work in skincare so I need my face to always be looking its best (stress pimple be gone). My current fave is the Scout Cosmetics Super Fruit Exfoliating Wash off Cleanser. Using fruit extracts from Blueberry, Acai and Grape to really refresh the skin, this cleanser also smells amazing. By increasing the cell turnover through exfoliation, you’re getting the best skin that you can have; new skin cells. This all sounds super drying on the skin, but due to the aloe extract and glycerin that are included in this cleanser, it’s not too harsh. Suitable for normal to oily skin types.

Moving on to serum, the Cell Renewal Peptide Serum really amps up the cell turnover aspects of the cleanser. A product that stays on the skin is always going to be a bit more effective at what you want it to do. Green tea, Fig and Ginseng combine to deeply hydrate skin, promote collagen production and soften fine lines and wrinkles. I find that it sinks in nicely and really makes my skin feel good. Those pesky lines are starting to come and I want to stop them in their tracks!

After all this exfoliation it’s imperative that you use a really hydrating moisturiser to combat any potential dryness or sensitivity. I’ve been using the Nourish and Hydrate Moisture Defence Creme from Scout Cosmetics which has been working for me. It uses Pomegranate and Macadamia extracts to really hydrate the skin, whilst working well in conjunction with the products that we have applied before.

What do you think? Could your skin use some serious daily exfoliation? Scout Cosmetics might be a good brand for you to check out!

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Zambesi Resort ’18 Review

By May 18, 2017 Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

As the proud owner of approximately 20 highlighters, I am absolutely a fan of anyone highlighted af. Zambesi’s models were absolutely highlighted to the gods. What’s even better is that the clothes EXACTLY matched the shade of highlight on the cheeks.

I mean. Brilliance.

The clothes were phenomenal too. Sheer metallic overlay coats came in blazer, coat and bomber jacket form, some with rose motifs emblazoned on them. Layered over tight pants and Clarks-esque school shoes, the entire effect was one of a rebellious school boy. That may sound shit, but trust me, this is a school you’ll want to go back to.

Marigold, moss green and pistachio are the new it colours, breathing life into revere-collar shirts, jumpers and carryall bags. Paired with cropped high waist loose trousers, they took relaxed to a high fashion level. Socks were layered over the physical shoes, matching the high athletic socks present on most of the models. This had the added benefit of softening the clip clopping of the shoes on the runway – sometimes intrusive at other shows.

Metallics came into play in another big way with the addition of pleated tops and skirts, cinched with matching jackets. An off the shoulder asymmetric cropped jumper over a pleated skirt was another highlight. Side stripe hotelier pants were paired with a gold vest for the men. Understated, yet a statement. This is the type of clothing that I expect from an international brand at fashion week.

Photos provided by Getty Images exclusively for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

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Country Kid

By September 9, 2015 Style, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

Having recently gained a few kilos (#treatyoself), I’m all about that comfortable clothing life right now. But rather than descend to the public indecency of ugg boots, I choose to be comfortable in a more fashionable way.

Plaid and checks are really having a big moment right now. The 90s are in and the country look of ripped stonewash jeans and a red and black check is everywhere. So I’ve been adopting this look quite a bit recently. It’s literally gotten the point where I have to consciously think if I’ve worn this look to see someone before.

I picked up this combo at the Surfer’s Paradise Cotton On launch event and they’ve really filled a gap in my wardrobe I think. This shirt is super comfy and oversized, plus it doesn’t look at all bulky tied at the waist. And these slim fit ripped jeans will last me for ages and always look good. Although I’m not gonna lie, there’s been a few *bigtoethroughtheslashes* occasions which has been a traumatising experience. The sheer panic of hearing fabric rip on you can never be unheard.

This look was shot by the gorgeous Lorraine Hanson, follow her on Instagram @lorihph.

Of course you need to follow me on Instagram @infirmofpurpose, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Lookbook.

I only use Sigma Brushes, check them out here.

Shirt – Cotton On (similar) | Jeans – Cotton On | Shoes – Converse

DSC00194 copy

DSC00190 copy

IMG_6861 copy

DSC00197 copy

DSC00189 copy


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Business Hardware

By August 19, 2015 Style, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

Wearing your bling at the office is generally frowned upon. And to some extent rightly so. But there’s still a way in which you can show off your personality, yet still remain office appropriate. I have termed this business hardware. Plz don’t steal.

To accomplish this look I used these stylish, yet understated accessories from Michael Hill. In fine sterling silver, they provide the perfect offset to any business attire. I particularly love this celtic wrap ring. Edgy, yet classy and wearable at the same time, it’s the perfect everyday ring for the sartorially minded guy.

This sterling silver fine chain is also a staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe. I’ve wrapped it around my hand and wrist to make a handpiece, but y’all can wear it around your neck if you so wish. This stainless steel and black carbon fibre pendant is the perfect statement pendant for your business wear. Resembling a dogtag, it’s large enough to show off your personality and fashion sense, yet small enough to still be office appropriate. Now that’s a one stop shop.

As always, this shoot was photographed by the amazing Ant of Painted Rust, go show him some love on Instagram @paintedrust.

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Jewellery – Michael Hill | Shirt – Blaq | Jeans – Cotton On | Shoes – Zu











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Maritime Thinking

By August 5, 2015 Style, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

Living in Australia, the water is inherent in our lives, from Mick Fanning bashing sharks on one side of the globe, to the fact that there’s a flood whenever a drop of rain spills. This crosses over into fashion from time to time, there’s even a whole collection based around it (resort for the plebs who ain’t in the know).

This is what gave me the inspiration for this look. Being in Brisbane, I thought what better to show off a nice blue and white look than our mud brown Brisbane river. Sharks and all.

A nice coloured short is the perfect piece to take you into spring, where everyone is shaking off the winter chill, getting their legs out and finally rocking some colour. It also makes a nice change from denim or black. Typically you’d pair a coloured short with a plain white shirt. I shook it up a bit by using a linen one with a grandpa collar. Linen’s a great transition fabric, regulating your temperature well and providing a great textural element to your look. One problem? It creases like fuck.

Now I had this top and shorts made specifically for me in Vietnam. But I’ve listed some similar items below. Or you can simply fly to Da’Nang, drive down to Hoi An, visit Yaly Couture, and ask them to whip it up for you :p.

This look was shot by the gorgeous Lorraine Hanson, follow her on instagram @lorihph.

Follow me on Instagram @infirmofpurpose, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Lookbook.

Shirt – Yaly Couture | Shorts – Yaly Couture (similar) | Shoes – Asos | Watch – Daniel Wellington | Bracelet – Thread Etiquette | Rings – Joshua Hall

IMG_6797 copy

IMG_6786 copy

IMG_6800 copy

IMG_6789 copy

IMG_6794 copy

IMG_6791 copy


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By July 30, 2015 Style, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

In Brisbane there’s really only so much grunge you can pull off without being considered a knob. However I feel as though there’s a time and place for everyone to get their Brooklyn hoodrat on.

For me this was a bus shelter in Moorooka. The stuff I do for Infirm of Purpose. It’s cray.

For me, wearable grunge is about taking a few “hood” elements and combining them to create something that’s a bit edgy and yet wearable. Let’s not go all out and shove on a beanie and eyeliner just yet. That’s for the big apple.

To achieve this I used a sweater from Factorie that I got on sale for $10. Who said this look had to be all Rick Owens? I’m also using these skinnies from Cotton On and a flanno from them as well. These are also my rattiest, dirtiest cons as well. Because I don’t have boots.

So go on, go out and get your own hoodrat on, in whatever interpretation that may be.

This look was of course shot by the amazingly talented Ant Cox. Go check him out here. And follow him on Instagram @paintedrust.

Naturally you also need to go check me out on Facebook here and Instagram @infirmofpurpose.

Sweater – Factorie | Jeans – Cotton On | Flannel Shirt – Cotton On (similar)| Shoes – Converse









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Cable Knit

By July 22, 2015 Style, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

It’s blatantly no secret that winter is upon us, and what better way to keep warm than with a gigantic chunky jumper. Not only will it keep you toasty, but it covers those bumps well and it’s 100% bang on trend.

My personal fave/the only knitted jumper I own, is this cable knit River Island one. Cable Knit was all over the runways last season and the trend has trickled down to the high street and finally jumped over to Aus.

Once used to keep fishermen warm out on the pond, or lake or whatever, it’s now been re-appropriated for your sweaters.

Naturally with something bulky up top, I wanted to balance it with a pair of slim fit chinos. These ones from Industrie work perfectly. Offset with a white button up and white espadrilles, this outfit works perfectly for a crisp day relaxing on the balcony. BBQ outfit anyone? Do people BBQ in winter? I’m so not outdoorsy.

These shots were taken by the wonderfully fabulous Ant from Painted Rust. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @paintedrust and on Facebook here.

Chuck us a follow on insta @infirmofpurpose and a like on Facebook here.

Jumper – River Island (similar)| Shirt – Roger David | Chinos – Industrie (similar) | Espadrilles – Asos








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Skincare 101: Lush Serves Christmas Magic

By July 20, 2015 Uncategorized, Words

Words by Matt Huxley

It’s currently quarter to 1 in the morning and I am writing this with a gigantic bowl of pasta and a pepsi max. #healthylife. In reality though, despite the distraction of food, all that is occupying my thoughts is this epic bath I had the other day.

There’s really nothing better than lying in a body of water, that is pink, and scented, and steaming. Preferably without someone making shamu the whale references. This is what I experienced the other night. It was pure bliss.

This epic bath time was caused by Lush being the cool cats that they are and releasing 12 of their most epic Christmas products to celebrate Christmas in July. Aren’t we welcome.

I received the So White Shower Gel to test out, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and the Lush Pud Bath bomb.


Lush’s legendary PR agent always gets it right for me, and the three products I received are absolutely incredible.

So White steers away from the usual sickly sweet shower gel that many people associate with Lush. It’s crisp and fresh and smells of green apples and amazingness. It’s not the warmest scent to utilise in winter, but it foams so well you don’t even care.

Candy Mountain is a bubble bar scented with the familiar snow fairy scent. It’s sweet and delicious and amazing and unnnnf. With bubble bars, you’re meant to just break off a little bit and save the rest. But I say fuck it. Crumble that whole mountain into your bath, you won’t regret it. Trust me.

The Lush Pud Bath Bomb is one of the larger bombs that Lush produces and is incredible. Turning your bath a swirling pink , the coloured spheres you see embedded in the sides actually fall out in the bath, moving around like little islands and each releasing their essential oils for you to luxuriate in. Basically it makes your bath soft as all hell and you don’t want to leave.


So that you can have a bathing experience like me, I think y’all should probably visit Lush here and pick up some of their epic Christmas goodies.

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All My Friends Are Models

By July 16, 2015 Style, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

I can unequivocally say that my friends are total models. Total. Babein. Models.

So when I saw that General Pants had produced this tee, I knew that I had to have it. You know what’s even better than the slogan? The fact that it’s part of GP’s fantastic new charity capsule. They’ve collaborated with a host of aussie top models, as well as All My Friends Are Models (AMFAM), in order to create a range of tees that mirrors each model’s personality. The best part? A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt will go towards the model’s chosen charity. Y’all welcome for the hookup.

Cheyenne Tozzi: Zambi Wildlife Retreats
Cat McNeil : Soroptimist International
Elyse Taylor: The Wayside Chapel
Abbey Lee: Olivia Newton-John foundation

I’ve paired this amazing tee with a super cool long vest from Cotton On (shh sneakily from the women’s section), a pair of acid wash, ripped skinnies and the trusty cons.

Are all your friends models? Make sure you check out General Pants’ amazing new range here.

This look was shot by the ever brilliant Ant from Painted Rust. Make sure you check him out on Instagram @paintedrust and on Facebook here.

Definitely chuck me a follow on Instagram @infirmofpurpose and keep up with me on Facebook here.

Tee – General Pants | Vest – Cotton On | Jeans – Cotton On | Shoes – Converse











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Relaxed Chic

By July 8, 2015 Style, Uncategorized

Words by Matt Huxley

I have been storing that friggin coffee cup in my room for at least a month to use it in a shoot. Is that unhygienic? Possibly. But considering it was filled with a Starbucks Long Black, that’s probably sterilisation enough, sorry bout it.

The  past couple of winters the trend has definitely been to dress down somewhat in oversized baggy jumpers, skinnies and some sort of beanie/glove/overcoat combo. Now I can’t pull off beanies, and have shot gloves and trench coats previously, so I thought I’d do my take on the trend.

Super comfortable and in some angles flattering, this is a super easy trend to pull off successfully, just make sure you don’t wear it somewhere dressy. Cos. Let’s be real.

This oversized jumper is from Cotton On and I absolutely love it. It’s super comfortable and really classic. I’ve paired it with these jeans from Guess, my favourite Vans, and a pile of rings from Joshua Halls, Cotton On and 8 Other Reasons.

These pics were shot by the amazing Ant from Painted Rust so go check him out here, on instagram @paintedrust and on Facebook here.

Chuck me a follow on Instagram @infirmofpurpose and on Facebook here.

Sweater – Cotton On | Jeans – Guess | Shoes – Vans | Rings – Joshua Halls, Cotton On, 8 Other Reasons













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